You know, every Springat about this time tonight's guestsdrop by to share their plans to save the world.

This year they really havetheir work cut out for them.

The action unfolds in"Avengers, End Game.

" It opens April 26.

Please welcome Robert DowneyJr, Chris Hemsworth, Scarlett Johansson, and Paul Rudd! [APPLAUSE] Welcome.

Look at you guys.

[APPLAUSE] Very nice.

You all look fantastic.


They can't get enough.

And in a way– Wow.

Feels like home.

I feel like this is– this might– [CHEERING] This might be it.

Right? I mean, this could be it.

This could be the last one.

This probably is the last one.

On your show?JIMMY KIMMEL: No.



Just for them, Paul,you can come back.


– OK.


– No.

I feel like this isthe last gathering of the Avengers on the show.

The future's very uncertain.

JIMMY KIMMEL: It is? Oh, good.

I'm glad to hear that.


You know, it was May 5,2008 that you were here.

– Oh, wow.

– Don't lie to him.

We're not going to ever– JIMMY KIMMEL: You'renever coming back? [LAUGHING] I remember Jon Favreau showingme the sketches of "Iron Man," and that he was workingon, and thinking, what an interestingcharacter to start with, you know, from theMarvel universe.

And here we are,like 21 movies later.


It really is amazing.


[CHUCKLING] Have you guys seenthe new movie? Have any of you seen it? No.

Not really.


– No.

JIMMY KIMMEL: Did you see it?- I did.

I saw it and I filmedit on my iPhone.

And I'm going to be screeningit on my Instagram later.

JIMMY KIMMEL: Oh, great.


So sweet.

[INAUDIBLE], like that guy.


There's kind of a– you know,we're not supposed to see it.

And they're showinglittle pieces.

But then I'm doingan Easter screening.

JIMMY KIMMEL: Easter? On Easter Sunday?- Yep.

Up in Malibu, the daybefore the premiere.

We'll have it on a loop.

– Oh, in your house?- Yeah.

This is not a— You guys are all invited.

This is not anopen invitation.

[APPLAUSE] What's the address? What's the addressand gate code? Can you tell us thegate code and address? That is– Easter Sunday is what? The 21st.


Yes, sir.

The 21st.

So it will be a couple ofdays before the opening.

That's correct.

JIMMY KIMMEL: So peoplewho come to your house, not only will they get eggs.

They will also be able tosee the "Avengers" movie.

That's right.

Oh, my god.

We have to sign NDAs or dogag orders or something.

You sure do.


Thanks for that, Jimmy.

A 3 hour and 2minute long film.

So you might only get toshow it a couple of times.


No intermission.

JIMMY KIMMEL: Withno intermission.


– Wait.

Why would he show ita couple of times? Well, he's said he'sshowing it on a loop.

– On a loop?- Yeah.

Well, that's a long brunch.


That is quite a brunch.

I mean, we can fast forwardthrough the dumb stuff.

[LAUGHING] – What's the dumb stuff?- Yeah.

What is the dumb stuff?- I don't know.

Probably like, you know,your character arc.


That's the game changer.

I'll get youback for that one.

That I can't wait for.

JIMMY KIMMEL: It'sa three hour movie.

What's– I know you can'treveal any of the plot details.

But what's the best time toget up and go to the bathroom? Because you do thatthing in the movies where your race to the bathroom.

Is there a partthat we should know? Well, Mark said thatyou should wear a diaper.

And you don't have to get up.

JIMMY KIMMEL: Well,that's not a bad idea.

But you're also sittingin your own urine.


Well, that is a bad idea.

Best time, Paul? Oh, boy.

Well, not having seen the film– [LAUGHTER] I would say get one ofthose giant tubs of popcorn.

JIMMY KIMMEL: Yeah? And then just likelower it under the seat? JIMMY KIMMEL: Makethe most of it? In the middle ofthe movie, and then you don't have to get up.

It's so efficient.

Who has the Avengers tattoo? You guys have it.

– Yep.

Right?Does Chris have it? I have a scratch andsniff of Paul Rudd's face.

[APPLAUSE] And it smells delicious.

And by the way,it smells like me.

It really does.

Where is it, Chris? Ho.

It's a mix of smells.

You know? JIMMY KIMMEL: Scarlett,it was your idea for what– theoriginal six Avengers to become tattooed together? Yeah.

I thought– well,I think Chris Evans and I kind of came up with it.


And so Chris has it.

You have it.

Robert has it.

Who else actually got it? We all have it.

And then, but Markdoes not have it.

JIMMY KIMMEL: MarkRuffalo does not have it.

– Yeah.

– He declined.

He did.

JIMMY KIMMEL: Did he really? Yeah.

At his own peril.


Did you apply peerpressure to Mark? Yes.

Well, no.

We're not like some psycho,you know, marine squad.

[LAUGHTER] Well, you did get an Avengerstattoo put on your body.


It's why he's notsitting right here.


He would have been here.

– That's why he's been removed.

– There was some– I thought it was because hewas keeps revealing the end– Chris says he won'tdo press with him.

[LAUGHTER] And that.

I guess he said yesterdaythat he's afraid of needles.


But he didn't say that before.

Just made it– hewas just– it seemed like he was really judgmental.

The Hulk is afraid of needles.

CHRIS HEMSWORTH: He'safraid of friends.

[LAUGHTER] I have a dinner forschmucks tramp stamp.

[LAUGHTER] Paul, of all these movies,and doing all this stuff, what was your favorite? What's the moment that standsout most brightly for you? Boy.

Well, there are a lot of them.

But the very first time I filmedwith these guys on "Civil War," it was pretty spectacular.

Because we'd alreadyfilmed "Ant-Man.

" But that was a littlebit in a bubble.

And all of a sudden I wasseeing everybody in their suits.

And it was very exciting.

In fact, one time Chris Evans– I was standing opposite him.

And he had to run to usethe bathroom or something.

And he asked the propguy to hold his shield.

And as he walked off Ijust said, can I try it? And I took the shield.

And it was– yeah.

it was very exciting.

It was not dissimilarto what my character was feeling in the scene.

What did you do with theshield while you had it? I just kind ofwent pew, pew, pew.

Acting it out a little bit.

But then I gave itback and, you know, tried to be a little cool.

Do any of you– and Iknow this might be hard to remember– havea favorite line that you delivered in character? Oh, gosh.

I don't know.

I had this– when we were doingreshoots for "Iron Man 2," I guess my character waskind of overseeing the action on a computer screen.

And I'm really– I am just bad at techie jargon.

Like I'm terrible at it.

And I had a line thatwent, Oracle is converging.



It was– it was– sorry.

It was, bogie is convergingon the Oracle Pavilion.

Lock and load.

The fight's coming to you.


So bad.

I mean, I think it got cut.

I think actually JonFavreau is saying the line, and I'm just mouthing the words.

That's how bad it was.

How about you, Chris? Any "Thor?" When we wereshooting "Ragnarok" we had a young kidon set who was– who was unwell at the timeand had come to visit.

And we were shooting thescene with Hulk and Thor in the arena.

And it was right when Iwas talking to the Hulk, and I was saying,oh, my god, it's you.

Where've you been?And da, da, da.

And he was on the sideline.

And he's like,why don't you say, when you look up atLoki in the crowd, say, he's a friend from work.

And then so that line– JIMMY KIMMEL: A kidgave you that line? A kid gave us that line.


And it became one of thebest lines of the movie.


– He used the stones again.

– Hey.




We'd be going in shorthanded.

You know? Look he's stillgot the stones.

So– So let's get them, and usethem to bring everyone back.

Just like that? Yeah.

Just like that.

Even if there's a smallchance that we can undo this, I mean, we owe it to everyonewho's not in this room to try.

If we do this, how do weknow it's going to end any differently than it did before? Because beforeyou didn't have me.

Hey, new girl,everybody in this room is about that superhero life.

And if you don't mind myasking, where the hell have you been all this time? There are a lot of otherplanets in the universe.

And unfortunately, theydidn't have you guys.

[CHEERING] I like this one.

[APPLAUSE] Let's go get thisson of a bitch.



That's what you need to do.

Go get that son of a bitch.

I got chills.

I would imagine thateveryone wanted to say, let's go get the son of a bitch.

Right? I mean, that'sthe line you want.

And Chris got, let's goget that son of a bitch.

You're not in that clip.

– Yeah.

– All right.

So— I enjoyed it.

I enjoyed it anyway.

Does that mean– does that mean something badfor Tony Stark, for Iron Man? No.



Not in the slightest.

Ant-Man? Nothing?- I was in it.

You just couldn't see me.

[LAUGHTER] On Friday you guyswere all at Disneyland.

Avengers made a huge donationto children's hospitals.


$5 million I believe.

[APPLAUSE] And did you go on anyrides while you were there? Did you enj— Yeah.

We did.

We went on the Guardiansof the Galaxy ride.

The one that drops like crazy.

We went on it.

I don't know.

Where were you? Where did you go?- I didn't.

I didn't.

Well, I was there February7 for my kid's birthday.

We went on that rideand I almost yacked.

– Oh, is that right?- Yeah.

So I wasn't reallygoing to do it again.

I was really– it was good.

A couple of your peoplethat work for you.


My team came on a bit.

I took my daughter onit a couple years ago when it was previouslycalled the Tower of Terror or something.

And she wasn't tall enough.

And she was really upset.

And I was like, no.

Forget this.

Come here.

So I grabbed a couple ofSnickers bars and things, and slammed it in the backof her shoe under her heel.

So I propped her up.

She was like thismuch short, walked up, was like, what about now? So– and they're like, OK.

In you come.

I'm like– so– Snickers work.

Wildly irresponsible aswell, and you're all cheering.

It gets worse.

Right? OK.

Go on.

So I was sitting in the chair.

And this thing– it's, you know,I don't know how many hundreds of feet high, and whatever.


We're at the top.

And I'm looking at her.

She's strapped in.

And, you know, theseat is massive on her.

And I'm like, you know,we beat the system, honey.

And then it dropsand she's like zoop.

[LAUGHTER] Grab on to her.

She's like screaming thewhole way down, like cat.

You know.

I was like, maybe there's areason that there's a height.

Maybe! Size.

So don't do that.

Don't do that.

She's fine.

She's well.

She's– I mean, hones–Woo-hoo.

Go Chris.

JIMMY KIMMEL: Snickersbars in the shoes.


Up here.

I love it.

– I'm her hero.

I have to say,it's very creative.

The Snickers bars in the shoes.

That really is– in a pinch.

That's the last time.

Paul, you had abirthday this week.

And Robert, you hada birthday this week.


JIMMY KIMMEL: Happybirthday to both of you.

Thank you.

You have to be very difficultto shop for, I would imagine.


I brought some pictures.

Scarlett never forgets.

This year she gotme a lovely bouquet of my favorites, which are– – Of sunflowers?- Sunflowers.


– Nice.

That is nice.

And then cause I'm the fourthand Paul is the sixth, I got him a little framed art piece.

Did you like it?- I loved it.


Really, really,really, really nice.

I was very touched.

And then I hadgotten him that alpaca that he wanted, becausethat's his favorite animal.

– Oh, my gosh.

– Oh.

You got Paul an— That was– That was– That really blew me away.

I named him– I named him Dennis.

[LAUGHTER] JIMMY KIMMEL: Oh, that's nice.

– He's got a bit of an attitude.

But he's fun.

And he– you know.

And I was so movedthat I remember I think I got you, in return– I feel, you know, a littlebad, just reciprocal, but I got you a balloon.

– That's right.

He bought her ahot air balloon.

A hot air balloon.

There I am smilingback at the ground.

But this year– this year theyreally blew my mind.


Well, that's right.

We had planned that together.

We both chipped in.

Then we got himthis super yacht, which he– was the one toy he— Oh, my god.

You did.

– Yeah.

– Oh, that's cool.

– Yeah.

– And then— That is quite a gift.

Just to get ahead of nextyear, I thought– and just– this is a bit of a surpriseto the show, I got the two of you the Buffalo Bills.

– Oh, my god.

That's his favorite.

No way! What? A football team.

Is that– is that OK? Nobody got Chrisanything, though, huh? I think it's– well,I'm a Chiefs fan.

But you know what?It's not a division rival.

I'm happy.

This is really– OK.


– This is really sweet.

– Yeah.

What he just said.

Nothing for Chris.


Nothing at all for Chris.

Oh, you know what?Yeah.

I got you something, Robert.

Here you go.

Oh, my gosh.



That's really nice.

And Hemsworth, I'velike met the guy twice.

So you should be ashamed.

– Well— Hey.



I did get you a present.

But it's like, the postalservice from Australia to here is like wha.

So it might have ended up– Sounds like a damn lie to me.

And– and then.

I did actually– ah.


Just kidding.


That's great, cause it's tape.

And you always needtape for stuff.

[LAUGHING] – We'll share that.

– Yeah.

It's a whole roll.

It's expensive in Australia.

[LAUGHING] It's very expensive there.

It's very rare there.

They don't find it innature in Australia.

Scarlett, when does the Black– when does the Black Widowmovie starts shooting? When what? JIMMY KIMMEL: Whendoes the Black Widow movie start shooting? – Where when?- The one you're in.

The Black Widow movie.

You know, your own like movie.

Everybody's had their own movie.

And you haven'thad your own movie.

But I assume you're goingto have you own movie.


That's a lot of work.

I don't know.

I don't know.

JIMMY KIMMEL: It'stoo much work? Too many words.

What did [INAUDIBLE]say the other day? We haven't announced that! I was like, yeah, buteveryone's talking about it.

JIMMY KIMMEL: I have a weirdtrue story to tell you.

Last night in my haze, as I wasdrifting in and out of sleep, I thought, what ifAnt-Man just shrunk down to a microscopic size andwent into the veins of Thanos, and then messedup Thanos' brain.

And then this– todayI read that there is actually a theory that– you know this one, Paul? That Ant-Man will shrink downand go into Thanos' butt.

Right? Yeah.

JIMMY KIMMEL: Itseems less effective.

Look, these lips are sealed.

[LAUGHING] Similar to your dream.

One slight difference.

[LAUGHTER] Like how muchNyquil did you drink? A lot.

A lot.

I was really losing my mind.

I am right now a little bit too.


So you guys have somethingspecial for our studio audience here tonight.

Who would like to make this– Chris, why don't you tellthem what you have for them.

We're going to giveeverybody here tonight tickets to Avengers at IMAX.

Oh, my god.

[APPLAUSE] JIMMY KIMMEL: Soyou guys get gifts.

See that.

[LAUGHING] Instead of– the moneyI saved on your present.


So everyone inthe audience, as if you weren't goingalready, is going to see the Avengers in IMAX.

Thanks guys.

Scarlett, Robert,Paul, and Chris.

The "Avengers End Game" opens intheaters, 3D and IMAX April 26.

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