Wouldn't it be great to automate many of thetasks you perform – day in and day out – tasks that drain hours from your workweek? For example, let’s say you’re hostinga webinar and want to add webinar registrants to your AWeber list.

What if I were to tell you that there wasa tool that allowed you to automatically do this and all of the many other tasks you currentlydo manually? Hi, I’m Sarah and I’m going to show youhow integrating AWeber with Zapier makes it easy to automate the many tasks you have onyour list so you can save time and grow your subscriber list faster.

Zapier connects the APIs of over 200 web services,like GoToWebinar, PayPal and others, to streamline your workflow and automate your daily tasks.

Here’s a closer look at how it works: First, you select a trigger, such as whensomeone registers for your webinar.

Then, an action – in this case creating anew subscriber for your AWeber list.

Now, anytime someone registers for your webinar,they’ll be automatically subscribed to a list in your AWeber account.

So how would you put this in action? If you’representing a webinar about a new feature, the number one question you hear afterwardis “Where can I find a recording of the webinar?” Using your AWeber email followup series, you’d include a link to the webinar recording in the first message, followed bya second message announcing the next webinar or more information on the products that werefeatured.

Zapier also integrates with the other servicesyou use with your AWeber account, including popular CRMs like Salesforce and Highrise,advanced webforms such as Woofoo and Survey Gizmo and other web services that will saveyou time and build your list faster.

Ready to get started? Check out a step-by-stepguide in our knowledge base to start using Zapier with AWeber today!.