[Peter] We did it.

She didn't throw up and good news is.

♬ Don't you think we're better together ♬ ♬ Oh Honey ♬ ♬ I think we are ♬ Good morning, you guys.

We are getting ready to head out the door.



am having.

I had a fine morning.

Now that we're trying to head out the door, I'm like out of breath trying to get things.

My head is hurting again.

Third day in the last week or so.

So I'm not really sure what to think about that.

But I'm not gonna think too much about it.

But I need to take meds for my headache because we need to go to the hospital.

And I'm trying to get like enzymes and everything ready, and I was feeling so overwhelmed because I was like, okay, I need to go upstairs to.

find the meds I need.

Come back down, all of that.

One of those hectic times and that feeling of like, I need to get out the door and I can't breathe fast enough to get all the things done fast enough.


I'm getting it all done and.

I am going to take pills.

I'm going to.

drink some water, and hopefully by the time we get to the hospital my head won't be hurting.


Hi bones.

[Peter] Okay, he pooped.

Oh good.

Ollie pooped.

So there you go.

[Peter laughing] Ah.

Out the door we go.

Da da da da! I don't know what that is.

[Peter] Da da da da! [Peter] I don't know.

[Peter] Let's go.


[Peter] You fading? Blood sugar? No, blood sugar's okay.

[Peter] Need food? No, it's my head.

[Peter] Hmm.


[Mary giggling] [Mary] First stop is dropping packages off to the postal, and then we will be off to the hospital.

[music playing in background] The cloudy sky is gone.

The clouds are out.

My meds kicked in.

[both singing] There ain't nothing, there ain't nothing gonna steal my joy! [Mary] Let's do this.

All right, we just got here to the parking garage, and.

We will head in across the street to audiology.

And we made it.


And we're just waiting.

I think it is fair to say now that we've been home from our trip for over a week, neither of us have gotten sick, and the last time we flew.

Peter ended up with a cold.

or the flu, either way we got sick after the flights.

So this time here's what we did.

Peter ordered me hundreds of these on Amazon and they're just like the ones that you get at Chick-fil-a.

[Peter] Little hand alcohol hand wipes.

And um.

sometimes the smell of like hand sanitizer like that is too strong for me.

But this is apparently the same thing.

It's Purell, but these don't make my lungs hurt.


[Peter] I think it's just less quantity and it's got a like little cloth to wipe your hands and.

[Peter] And to wipe down the seats and everything.

So when we got in the airplane, Peter wiped my seat.

and his, like wiped our seats, our arm rails and the window.

Like whatever and.

then we both wore masks and we both used these hand things on our hands.

[Peter] Like, throughout the trip we always had them in our pockets.


[Peter] Good work.

So I think it's safe to say it worked.

Um, so that's good.

[unintelligible] [Peter] We're still waiting, but Mary is pretty nauseous.

I don't know if it's from coughing.

I think it has to do with the apple juice I just drank for the blood sugar.

Or maybe it's my blood sugar.

[Peter] Hmm.

Either way.

[Peter] Don't puke.

[Peter] We did it.

She didn't throw up and good news is.

[Peter] hearing is the same as last time, which.

[Peter] was a little bit more loss last time, but.

[Peter] we talked with the doctor.

In the reflection.


Hi guys.

We talked with the doctor and basically.

Look, you and I can be in it too.

She said that it kind of makes sense that Mary's hearing.


more ringing because her ears are adjusting to that more loss.

All right, we have eaten now.

That's good.

We both needed food and I thought I would try to finish recapping.

I think what we were saying.

[GPS talking] While we were still hospital.

So basically the audiologist.

So they do a bunch of different tests, um.

repeat words that you hear, there's beeping and you indicate when you hear the beeping, and then.

They took me into, er, then they did the bone.


They put this thing on your bone right here.

Something, they did that and then they took me into another room and did the like.

The computer sends signals into your ear and you don't have to do anything.

The computer does it all, and your ear basically like, reflects.

receives the sound that it's hearing and then.

puts it out.

Something like that and it was funny, in my right ear it was like.

[vocalizing] It was doing the test and then when they got to my left ear it was like.

[vocalizing] It kept doing the same thing over and over and the audiologist was like, it's trying to get a reflection back but that's where your hearing loss is, so it just kept trying and trying, but anyway, so.

Oh, there's the first time I've seen it just say Dunkin.

They changed Dunkin Donuts to just Dunkin now apparently.

[Mary] Before I finish this story, we just need to take a moment because the sky is gorgeous and.

[Mary] It was really rainy earlier, so this is just an unexpected beautiful beautiful blessing.

[Mary] I'm not sure that you guys can even see the sky, but believe me, it's gorgeous.

[Peter] Gorgeous.

[Mary] Uh.

Yeah, you can't really see it from here.

That test kind of confirmed what my.

manual hearing test showed.

So when I was raising my hand, telling them I hear the beeps or.

evidently when I didn't hear the beeps.



computer test was.

indicating the same thing, so that's confirming.

But anyway, she was just talking about.

the ringing and why I'm hearing it.

♬ jazzy Christmas music ♬ [Peter] Look at that, the colored lights.

[Mary] The architecture.

[Mary] It's like.

A Boston Christmas.

[Mary] Oh wow.

This is where we came when I got out of the hospital on my birthday.

[Mary] And we came across here and took pictures somewhere over there.

[Mary] Bootiful.

[Peter] That's incredible.

Okay, so end result was.

there's no huge.

perfect explanation for why I'm hearing more ringing.

She said as your ears adjust to hearing loss the.

ear cells, whatever it is, the cells next to the ones that died like, the hearing loss, those.

kind of are reawakened and they're like, hey.

She explained it like.


She did a really good job of explaining it, but she said probably in like the next six months I might notice that the ringing settles back down.

She said it won't go away because I have hearing loss, but she said it might go back to what you were used to, so either way, it's no big deal.

I did mention that I had, I've been on steroids and I started symbicort and like, I mentioned a couple of the med changes in the last month or two and.

none of them are.

ototoxic or anything, but she said as you know, medicines affect everybody differently, so it's possible that the steroids could be doing it, even though we wouldn't imagine them to be doing it.

You just never know but, we were actually looking for a Christmas market because we thought there was a Christmas market and.

Did we just get all-star parking? [Peter] Oh, I just wanna know why these cones are here.

But um.

there is no Christmas market apparently, so we're actually gonna go to the public market.

We went here last year.

It's a pretty cool indoor like, kind of um.

artisan type thing.

They do have fresh vegetables and stuff.

They also have freshly made pasta They have honey.

They have like.

[Peter] Nuts.

[Mary] Oh, yeah, this is where we came for those honey roasted, er not honey roasted.

[Mary] Roasted nuts.

[Mary] How you doing? I'm good.

I think I'm tired.

[Mary] Yeah.

I just need a cup of coffee I think.

[Mary] Alright.

We can do that.

[Mary] How are we gonna figure out if these cones mean something? [Mary] But there's some on the side.

[Peter] Yeah.

You would think, but this person is parked here.

[Mary] Yeah, all right.


[Mary] Good night.

[background chatter] [Mary] Yes! [Mary] All right, so this is the Boston Public Market and it's pretty cool.

[Mary] All these random people in the camera.

[Mary] So, it's just these little aisles of.

[Mary] little, I don't know, shops.

[Mary] It's really cute, and like down there it's like produce.

[Mary] and bagels and like milk in glass jars.

[Mary] Super cute.

[background chatter] [Peter] Eggnog macaroon.

Taste test.

[Peter] Does it taste good? Yeah, tastes like, sweet.

[Peter] Okay, cool.

Really good.

You can taste the eggnog flavor.

That's cool.

[Mary] Yeah, it's really good.

[Peter] If you guys didn't know this about Mary.

[Peter] Uh.

[Peter] She loves milk.

This is my treat.

[Peter] Her treat.

I got a coffee she got a glass.

[Peter] of milk.

♬ jazzy Christmas music ♬ [Mary] And we gotta get the Helga to say what she's gonna say.

[Peter] Okay.

You guys are not gonna believe this.

Is she gonna say it? [Peter] I don't think so.

I think she might.

[Peter] She already said it.

Say it again, Helga.

[Peter] She wants us to turn right on Milk Street.

Turn right on Milk Street while I'm drinking milk.

Look, look at the sign on that building.

[Mary] The building? [Peter] Up above.

50 Milk Street.

[Mary] Oh! Oh my goodness! Right there! Oh.

That is magical.

Mary's always loved Milk Street.

One time when we first lived years and years ago we came into Boston and we parked on Milk Street.

Mary was like, that's my favorite street.

Mmm milk.

[Mary] Oh, I missed the star.

[both singing] The star, the star.

[Mary] Oh look, we went there once with Tamara and Corey.

[Mary] All right, I'm showing you all these beautiful lights.

[Peter] We love city street lights.

[Mary singing] City street lights, even stop lights.

[Mary and Peter singing conflicting lyrics] [Mary] We are professionals.

[Peter] Yeah.

[Mary] All right.

[Mary] Oh wow, this is magical.

[Mary] Oh wow.

There you go.

There's Boston for you.

[Mary] You've got this adorable historic building and then huge tall buildings.

[Mary] Love it! [Peter] Well, this is like, that's the old Statehouse.

[Mary] So there you go.

We are just going to see if there's a parking spot and run into a store and.

As always.

As always.

[both] We will see you tomorrow.

Good night! Thanks for coming everybody.

Tomorrow for Oliver's birthday.

Woo hoo! Say see you tomorrow guys when I turn six years old.

Good night! ♬♬.