Right now we're going to answer a couple ofquestions on why people chose Audiology and where they hope to go with it in the future.

So I chose Audiology because I belive it'sa great profession that incorporates communication and psychology at the same time, and I loveto work with people.

So when I'm done with the program I hope towork with pediatrics either in a children's hospital or a school for the deaf or an educationalaudiology setting, but I just really like working with kids.

We love Pitt because it gives us the opportunityto research together.

I'm heading over to the Carnegie Public Libraryright now to pick out a fun book to read.

In grad school it's so easy to get caughtup on homework and textbooks and journal articles and it's nice to just have some time to yourself,and do the things that you always love to do.

Hi everyone so we're going to wrap up ourday with the Audiology Student Takeover but I wanted to answer a few questions for youbefore I log off.

I'm a second year student, I am loving thetraining we are receiving in this program, I'm really looking forward to working in pediatricsin the future, hopefully at a children's hospital but I'm definitely open to the different opportunitiesthat Pitt is presenting at our graduate level to help us make decisions in the future.

I am loving living in Pittsburgh, I've onlybeen here for a little over a year and it's starting to really feel like home.

I definitely have a lot of people to thankfor that and I'm really excited for my classes to be growing in this program.

I'm really excited for the third years tobe receiving their externship placements and it's really fun to watch the first years reallyget to know each other, how to get through grad school, and to lean on each other whenthey need anything.

I chose Pittsburgh as my grad school basedon the different opportunities they had to get involved around the community both clinicallyas well as volunteer opportunities.

I am a humanitarian chair for our StudentAcademy of Audiology so I'm in charge of planning and facilitating all of the volunteer opportunitiesthat we do as a group and also kickstarting new ideas and new projects that our memberswant to incorporate into the community.

I chose Pittsburgh also because of the supportthat the teachers give to the students.

They really foster our independence but alsogive us the help that we need so that we can succeed in our career professionally but alsoacademically right now as a student.

If you want to learn more information aboutSHRS we are hosting an open house this Saturday from 10-1 at University Club.

If you need any more information please feelfree to email the address that is attached below.

It's been so fun taking over our Snapchattoday.

Once again, my name is Jenna and I'm a secondyear in the Audiology program and if you have any more questions please feel free to reachout to admissions and they can give you those answers or direct you to where you need togo.

Thanks, have a great day.