It's early in the morning you are awoken by the sunrays that are peeking thru the blinds It's very early and the sun is just rising you continue laying in the bed thinking how lovley it is that you don't have to go to work no worries in the world just layingthere and enjoying your vacation You glanc around your room keping your eyes on the bike you rented it would be so nice to take a ride next to the sea after the breakfast before the crowds while it's still quiet and peaceful You feel your stomach growling It's time to getsome breakfast You put your short and t-shirt on grab your bagpack and you ready to go You just came outside and you are already admiring the architecture that is so unique in this place living here must be like heaven on earth You're strolling thru the main street looking at all the restaurants and stores that are still closed but by the delicious scent that is in the air you know that something nearby is open The mesmerising scent lead you to this delightful little restaurant You come in and take a sit thinking to yourself to hell with diet this is my vacation and I will order whatever I like Your food and cold beverage are served perfect combination for this warm day You feel like your getting tanned just by sitting in the restaurant While eating you're listening to a pleasant song that is playing on the radio this is the third time you heard it since you got here that is definitely your favourite song of the summer After you finished your meal you took your bike exploring the city this way will be so exciting and even if you get lost you wouldn't mind because of how much fun you are having So many extraordinary sites everything is so different from back at home even the air feels different your hair is fluttering in the mild wind you would swear this is dream but you could never dream of something so astonishing You secure your bike next to the beach the sand feels so warm under your feet after a short walk you open your backpack and lay down a huge beach blanket from it and now for the cherry on the top laying down in the sun listening to sounds of the sea.