Ross Danis: So, TriCoastal started about 27 years agoas a home decor and stationery company, and over the last 27 years, they’ve expandedinto different markets through expanding within their own company.

They’ve opened up a Bath & Body division,within a pet accessories, fashion accessories, and even character license, which includesDisney and Mattel, and those companies.

With each of those expansions, we’ve reallyhad to expand our team and our staffing with that.

I started with TriCoastal about 10, 12 yearsago.

I was fresh out of college and kind of grewup there, started off as a designer, eventually grew into the role I’m in now, which isa Creative Director role.

For me, when evaluating a creative staffingcompany, it’s really that they’re going to take the time to get to know us as a company,to really understand our needs.

There’s a lot of companies, I feel, thatthey just throw candidates at you and hope that something sticks, whereas having someonewho’s going to come into the office and really understand both the product, the position,and also the overall culture of the company, really is what makes for a better company.

Working with Artisan was kind of out of necessity.

We had lost a few designers over the lastyear and had to fill those roles, so it really forced us to look at both our staffing andour scheduling, and the whole process in general.

Artisan was really supportive in the wholeway, with both freelancers in the interim until we found the right person, and alsowith long-term hires.

Partnering with Artisan was really, for me,it was an easy decision.

You know, they go out of their way to makethe process smooth and easy, and that’s really with them doing their homework, isthey come in, they learn about us, the company and what we do, and they do their homeworkwith the candidates, too, so that you’re not wasting time going through bad candidates.

They kind of filter out all the bad candidatesfor you, which makes the process really smooth, which is important for myself as a hiringperson with a busy schedule.

My experience with Artisan has really beena smooth and easy process.

Artisan’s a company that really thrivesdoing quality over quantity when it comes to getting talent in front of somebody, sowith that, it’s really made my job a lot easier in terms of hiring for someone andlooking for the right candidate to fill a position.

So, it’s been a very great process, actually,which it can be, normally, a stressful process, trying to find candidates, but they’ve madeit really easy for us.

Besides the fact that there’s the businessrelationship, which they’ve made really easy for us, it’s that they’re also just,they’re a friendly environment.

They’re somebody that I wouldn’t mindgoing out for drinks with afterwards, or for lunch with afterwards, which I think addsto their kind of boutique experience of the whole process when it comes to staffing.

And they’re not just an agency.

They’re somebody who, you know, I can havein my cellphone and be like, “Hey, want to grab drinks later?” So, it becomes more personal than just business.

Recommending Artisan Talent is really, itwould be easy for me to do to somebody.

The way they really get to know and understandthe company, and really the needs of the positions that need to be filled, it really, it showstheir commitment to being better than the rest, and that’s what sets them apart fromother companies and makes them truly unique, is that they really take the time to get toknow everything about your company so that they’re sending the right talent for you.