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Com and in today's video I'm going to be explaining exactly why you needtwo different manufacturers to manufacture each off your private labelproducts and I'm going to be explaining the easiest way to find othermanufacturers once you have your first manufacturer gasps so this is episodefive of the new brand Challenge series that are putting together so if youhaven't watched the previous episodes what I'm going to do is link them updown in the description after this video so you can jump down there and check anyof the previous ones this is a series where I'm documenting the progress ofstarting this new brand accountability kit and this new product theaccountability journal and if you purchased this product while it's onoffer at the moment then you'll get access to the free video that I've puttogether in that video I explained the content branding strategy that I havelaunched this product with but if you want to see that video and you want toget your hands on the accountability journal then jump over to Amazon nowit's on amazon.

Com you K but you can buy it from anywhere in the world and I'llleave a link to that down in the description as well but now I'm justgonna jump straight into this video so I'm gonna go straight out and start withwhy you actually need two different manufacturers to manufacture each offyour private label products and the reason is because things happen withyour manufacturer and whatever happens with your manufacturer can massivelyaffect your business so you don't want to be over reliant on one manufacturerfor your product so I'm just going to explain a copley these reasons now sothe first reason is the code leave you out of stock this has happened a numberof times where I've gone to place a reorder with manufacturers in the pastand they've talked to reorder but they've been a lot slower giving it tome than they were with the first order and that again can be for many reasonsit can be that they're just under pressure have a lot of bigger orders inat that time or that they just have some delay in their plant and they just can'tget your products made fast enough that's issue number one is that theywill simply allow you to run out of stock while you are waiting for them tosend your inventory but the main issue is issue number two and that is thatthey can send you a bad batch of in venturi and unfortunately this happensall of the time you might have a good manufacturer that has been good for alot of years and then all of a sudden they send you a bad batch of inventoryyou're left with this bar batch of inventory or even worse you go on andsell this bad batch of inventory and then have to deal with all of thereturns that comes back if there is a significant problem with the inventoryit can happen for the simple reason that the plant changes its management or thatthey simply try to reduce cost and just put less cost into your product into thematerials that make up your product than they did with your initial products orthey may be just too busy and outsource your order to some other plant nearbyagain where quality control might not be as strict as it is in their own plantthese are all different reasons why they may give you a bad batch of inventoryjust out of the blue when you're not expecting it and that is one of theworst things that can happen for your business because it will seriouslydamage your reputation and it's very difficult to predict this happeningespecially when you've been working with the same manufacturer for years but Ipromise you that it does happen and that is why you should have a backupmanufacturer in place for if things like this does happen then you can simply goto your backup manufacturer and get your products made of them that's the firstreason the second reason why you should have it again is because it could saveyou money by simply looking around finding different manufacturers you mayget a lower rate for the exact same product again this always happens youshould be always on the lookout to obviously keep the quality of yourproduct high but also reduce the costs on your product and you can do thissimply by finding new manufacturers that can manufacture your product at a lowercost than your initial manufacturer ok so if you're fairly new to this ifyou're just getting started just start with your first product then I wouldn'tlet this bark you down move forward with the one manufacturer but once you havethe one manufacturer once you have your product made that's the easiest time toget your second manufacturer because when you're talking with differentmanufacturers you'll be talking with loads of different manufacturers so whatyou can simply do is get your product made off onefacture then once it's made to the standards that you're happy with you cansend this product to other manufacturers that make similar products obviouslycommunicate with them first asking them if they could make this type of productthat you have made obviously with all of your unique features or whatever you'veadded to your product just ask them if they can do it and if they can send themyour product and ask them to make a copy offers as a sample then you will be ableto get the sample back and test the quality off the products that they makeand this is the easiest way to find a second manufacturer whereas if you goout from the start you know really making sure that you have a secondmanufacturer before you ever even start it can be difficult you know it can bedifficult enough to find one good manufacturer to make your product thatyou can easily communicate with not long to find two or three manufacturers fromthe start but as you go on you should send your sample to the manufacturersand get samples back and constantly get new quotes for your products to be madewith different manufacturers and you know finding a manufacturer that youreally trust isn't the easiest thing in the world it does take time so if youare gone through this process just take your time make sure that you find themanufacturer that's suitable for you that's easy to communicate with thatmakes your product to the standard that you want to make it at that gets a madefor the price that you're happy to pay and again this can all take time but itis important because what I've learned down through the years is that buildinga good relationship with a couple of different manufacturers for your productis one of the most worthwhile things to do because you know you never can havetoo many of them to call upon on quick notice if you're just relying on one allthe time you know this can really negatively affect your business in thelong run whereas if you have good relationships built up with a fewdifferent manufacturers that can all manufacture your product this willdefinitely benefit you in the long run and it might not ever be required butit's good to have them there just in case so that's it for this video I hopethat you're good Friday goes well and yeah you have a niceEaster weekend it's lovely weather here in the UK hope that it's nice whereveryou are if you haven't yet purchased theaccountability journal and this is something you're interested in you don'thave a journal or don't have a diary and you're interested in something then jumpover to Amazon and check out the accountability journal and I'll give youaccess to the new brand content video that I've put together as well justemail me if you do purchase oh wait your order number and I'll give you accessstraight away hope that you've enjoyed this video and I look forward tospeaking to you on the next one.