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Com and I've got a very exciting video for you today I'mactually really excited about getting it out to you because I know you're gonnalearn a lot by it and what I'm going to be explaining about is the best way toput your product on sale this is the second video in the brand Challengeseries if you haven't watched the first video yet or leave it down in thedescription so that you can click on the link and watch that first video if youhaven't watched it yet just explaining about the new productthat I've launched on Amazon which is the accountability journal but in thisvideo what I'll be explaining to you about is how to put your product on saleon Amazon to get the best results so there is two ways typically to put yourproduct on sale on Amazon there used to be coupon codes you can still use thembut they're not the best way to put your product on sale anymore but there aretwo different ways and what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna jump onto my computer nowI'm not gonna waste any time and literally show you these two ways sothat you can see them for yourself I've also ran some tests and I'll beexplaining about the different results that I got in these tests and explainingto you about these two different ways to run your sale on Amazon so don't goanywhere I'm gonna jump onto my computer now and show you exactly what I'mtalking about okay so I'm on my computer now and I'mjust going to quickly show you the two types of way that you can put yourproduct on sale on Amazon and then I'm going to explain to you about thedifferent tests that I've done and what I found out about it so that you canmake a decision which way is right for whatever product you sell okay so as youcan see on my product listing here this is the way I've chose to put thisproduct on sale where it is if you just set an or or P for your product and thenset the price it strokes out the ORP and it just shows to everyone that they cansave five pounds on your product or however much you want to give off onyour product they will see what they're saving here they'll see they are RP hereand they'll see the price here this is usually very simple to set up althoughwhen I was setting it up for this product listening it didn't go onstraight away and had to contact Amazon Amazon then went and actually phoned meabout it and said that they're not allowing this anymore but then theyphone me back and explained yeah that they could do it and then it justappeared like this two hours later which the ORP sign shownand it stroked out but again this is very simple to set up inside sellercentral you just go to your listing just edit your listing set your aura P andthen just set your actual price and then it will come up with whatever the saleis here so it will let everyone know that your product is on sale so thateveryone can see it and when they add it to their basket they'll be paying theprice that it's on sale for so that's 1295 in this case but again you can setthis for however long you want forever what period of time or for however muchyou want to set it as it's also very straight forward for the customerbecause the customer doesn't have to do anthem they simply just see the productwhen they add it to their basket they get it at whatever price it's on salefor so it does make it easy for the customer if you set up your sale thisway now I'm going to jump on to the second type of sale that you can run andI actually ran the second type of sale when I first set this product listing upI didn't set us so that there was an auto RP I just had my price at 1795 andthen I set up a sale this way and this way that I'm talking about is usingAmazon vouchers so what I'm gonna do now is just jump onto a product listing thathas one of these vouchers set up so as you can see this is one of thesevouchers this will allow customers if they take this part to get five poundsoff your product so this is very different to discount codes discountcodes in the past that you could give to people to purchase your product and theywill get a discount for them this is a voucher that is shown on your listingjust like this and it's also very simple for a customer to ticket and thenthey'll get the five pound off when they add the product to their basket so thenjust to show you quickly the difference just so you see the difference in howthe listings are set up this one doesn't have an or appear that even though theycould set it up with an or or P and have Anna Fowler but for this one they don'tbut you can just see it here there's just the voucher box which the customercan come along to take and get five pounds off and the difference here itjust doesn't have the voucher box so the customer just gets it off automaticallyso now you're probably wondering which one's betterand I've tried both of the for this exact listing that I'm on atthe moment and for this listing that Amman at the moment the way that I havea set up at the moment worked better and made more sales by having the aura pieceset like this and having it stroked out with the sales price than I did when Ihad the voucher set up bought in saying that for products that I also sell onAmazon and that I've done this with they have worked out better when using avoucher again I don't know the exact reasons for this but what I'm gonna donow is jump in to some of the reasons that may have caused this and theproducts that I've tried this with are a lot higher priced products and I haveset them with norepi like this and set thumbs width outer and I've made moresales with the voucher so there are a couple of different reasons why this mayhave happened so for this product when I said I didn't have as many reviews as Ihad now I think I'd only 2 reviews at the timewhen I ran this test so obviously more reviews on the listing will make thelisting convert at a higher rate and that may have what contributed toworking out better with this way rather than with the voucher way for thisproduct listing as well as this it might be that it's just a lower price itemmaybe it just works better on lower price items than it does on higherpriced items maybe with the higher priced items the vouchers actually dojust work better or maybe that it's just a totally different type of product andagain I don't want to come across as the expert on this saying this is the exactway because they both increased sales by putting my item on sale but this wayworked for this product and the way with the voucher worked for other productsthat I sell that are sold at a higher price and in a totally differentcategory to this product so now why is the vouchers a good way to also set upyour sale so you should test both of these with your own product listing butone thing that you should know with the vouchers why it's actually good to setup your listing with them is on Amazon there is a vouchers page so that's whereI found this voucher for this product but if you go to Amazon just GoogleAmazon vouchers you'll find all the products that have vouchers at themoment I'm you can sort these through two differentcategories so that you'll only see ones for certain categories you can also sortthem by the newest oldest expiring soon most popular discount percentage so youcan see who's given away the most on their products so if you go to Amazonand you're searching for a product you can find out which product type has theright amount of discount that you're looking for the most amount of discountthat you're looking for I should say or you can even go here and when the Amazoncoupons is clicked down here in the drop down menu you can just type in a producttype and they'll show all the products that have a coupon on that so there'sdefinitely a lot of people using this just going onto Amazon looking forproducts but discounts are looking for a certain product and then seeing whattype of products have a discount on them and purchasing the product because ithas a discount on them this is something that I found with all of my listings themore times that the vouchers actually get reclaimed the more times that theyget reclaimed again in the future if that makes senseso we'll say when no one has claimed the voucher they're very slow to go thevouchers don't get picked up that quickly whereas when more of the voucherstock in you so you will see inside seller central how many vouchers I getnew so once you spot like 1020 vouchers got used you'll see that start usingthem a lot quicker and that's simply because some people just go on to yourproduct listing don't even know that there's a voucher there buy the productfor fall price I've had this loads of times where even when there's a voucheron the listing people still pay full price because they don't know exactlywhat it's all about but once your voucher stats getting reclaimed itstarts showing up higher here in the vouchers are the coupons search onAmazon and more people start seeing that so more people starting to actuallyreclaiming it okay so I wish that I could tell you that one way of puttingyour item on sale is better than the other way of putting your item on salebut it's actually still inconclusive at this stage because different tests thatI've ran with different products have shown different results so again thebest thing for you to do is just to test it on your own listing so literally setup your own listing with one of them for two weeks and then setwith the other type of sale for another two weeks and just see which one youmake the most amount of sales with and don't change anything else make sure toonly change these two things when you're doing your tests for the two weeks thatyou're doing them don't go changing your images or different things like thatwhile you're running this test just so you know which one will perform betterfor your listing and I'm going to you know continue to test all my differentlistings which one works better and I'll continue to share this with you when Ido know but at this time different products listings are responding indifferent ways and having different results with them so you're better offjust testing them out on your listings also I've just put together the onevideo that shows the content branding strategy that I used to launchaccountability kit and this video just shows you the entire tactic behind how Ibuilt the audience to launch products to how I can continue to launch products tothis audience in the future how I can continue to drive sales to my website inthe future with this exact audience how I'm building my mani chat chat bot listusing this exact strategy and how I'm retargeting people using this exactstrategy I just go through it all in one video that's just under 15 minutes longand you get full access to that video if you purchase the accountability journalwhile it's on offer at the moment so again I don't know how long I'm gonnaleave this offer open for but it's on offer at the moment so if you go aheadpurchases on Amazon that code at UK you can purchase it from almost anywhere inthe world and yeah once you purchase it just email me with your order number andI'll send you access to the video which shows you this new branding contentstrategy so that you can see it for yourself and implement it into your ownbusiness this is working extremely well at the moment and you'll be able to seebehind the scenes in this video that I've put together so if you'reinterested in that all you have to do is purchase the accountability journalwhile this offer is open and send me an email and I'll drop it to you so I hopethat you've enjoyed this video if you haven't already subscribed then hit thesubscribe button I'll be putting out a lot more videos like this in the futureso if you do like these type of videos then hereto subscribe button now if you have any questions drop them down in the commentsand I'll definitely get around to answer them look forward to speaking to you onthe next video.