I promise you I'm not weird I'mstretching I screwed up my shoulder earlier what's up everybody it's Justonfrom Flipping Profits and today in our 2 minute tip of the day should I buysomething when Amazon is selling it I don't know should you stay tuned andyou'll see why or why not welcome backso should you or should you not be buying items that Amazon selling as youmay know Amazon is on 20% of the listings on the platform maybe a littlebit more maybe a little bit less the reality is is those are generally goingto be the highest selling items the most profitable and we get this questionliterally probably at least once or twice a week if not more people thatfind items in a store during retar which are like Justin Chris in the profits arejust mind-blowing but Amazon's on it what do I do and so Iwant to help answer that before I answer it though make sure to go down below hitthat subscribe button tap that Bell notification icon if that's what youfancy or if that's what you're into and drop down below leave us a commentplease I'm dying for comments at this point nobody leaves them so freaking doit already please alright so let's jump into shouldI be buying items for retail arbitrage that Amazon's on just know I could goover two minutes in this one maybe I don't know smashing that countdown onthe timer all right two minutes is on a timer I got to go really really reallyfast so the short answer is is we never sell anything that amazon.

Com is on everever ever forever and ever and ever yes we never do it but we know that thereare some people that do and that do it successfully so here's sometips and tricks' if you decide that you want to sell stuff that amazon.

Com is onthese are the kind of things that you're gonna want to know and understand numberone never go on a listing that amazon.

Com is on as well as the brandyou're asking for an IP claim it's gonna probably happen if you do it number twoif amazon.

Com is on it you do have a heightened probability that you're gonnaget an IP claim just saying so know that ahead of time number three if you'regonna go do it make sure that you're looking at an item or a listing that hasat least five to ten other sellers our criteria personally is at least fifteenlike if people are asking uh something like dude if there's not 15 or moresellers on that same product don't even consider it you're just asking to getkicked off the the platform and or you're asking to never get a salebecause the reality is is with the way that it works out amazon.

Com is going totry and follow as many sales of their way once they go out of stock that'swhat you're buying those items for is once amazon.

Com is out of stock you'regonna get the sales volume you're gonna be the one of the five or one of thefifteen other people that are on it so when you're buying these you've got toknow ahead of time like I might be sitting on it for two or three months ifyou look at the kippah graph in Amazon has never been out of stock for the lastthree years good freaking luck like really if they've been out of stock forlike a month at a time or a couple weeks at a time maybe consider it especiallyif it's been in the last 90 days or last 180 days and you've seen multiple timeswhen they run out of stock that's when I would try and consider this strategy forbuying and I wouldn't go too deep in the product either because like you don'tknow how many sales you're gonna get before they hop back on that's anotherthing is you know if you're gonna buy it don't be buying hundreds of units likejust buy maybe five or ten like just be smart make good buying decisions don'tlike I'm saying like a lot don't just jump in full bore into this product thatit has insanely good profit measures but you're just not you know you don'tknow when you're gonna get the sale it's just it's a bad buying decision in ouropinion if you want to go do it feel free let us know how you long youend up sitting on the listing sometimes Amazon does share the buy boxnow there is really no secret sauce of this they it's it's kind of funkysometimes the you know you'll go to the listing and amazon.

Com is a seller on itbut there's other sellers that are already in the buy box and in that casethen I would be like huh they're sharing the buy box on this oneit's very few and far between that you'll see it now when you're going tobe going and making that buying decision check that out see hey is Amazon on ityes they are go to the actual listing and say okay ship you know are sold byand fulfilled through Amazon FBA who is it sold by is it sold by amazon.

Com oris it sold by somebody else if it's sold by somebody else then you can safelyassume that even though Amazon's on the listing already that they're sharing thebuy box and in that case it's pretty safe but no one understand that you'rebuying this at a risk like honestly and so be smart with your buying decisionsdon't make stupid ones if you're watching this video my guess is that youare a good buyer and that you are smart because you're educating yourself so ifthis is one of your favorite videos in the world because it probably is go hitthat like button download it or give it a thumbs down if you didn't like thisvideo but more importantly leave a comment down below let me know what youwant to learn about Amazon FBA and selling on Amazon and follow us onInstagram join our Facebook community and check out our website flippingprofits CEO not calm for super cool merch and all that other fun stuffthis is Justin we'll see you tomorrow I hope you have an amazing day we'll seeyou soon.