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Com and in this video I'm going to be answering a questionthat I get asked very regularly and that is what costs do you incur when sendingproducts to Amazon customers in the UK and Europe I'm going to be jumping intoall of that just a moment and letting you know the exact cost that you willincur when you start sending products to Amazon FBA in the UK this is a questionthat I've received from people all around the world so whether you're inEurope or you're in the US and you're thinking of expanding your business toEurope to the UK then this video is for you because I'm gonna be breaking downall of the costs so that you will know exactly what costs you will incurdepending on the size and weight etc of your products be breaking all that downfor you in just a moment but first if you haven't hit the subscribe button tothis channel then what are you waiting forhit the subscribe button now so that you will see more videos like this in thefuture now I'm gonna jump straight into thevideo let you know the exact cost that you're going to incur when sendingproducts from Amazon FBA in the UK to your UK and European customers okay sonow I'm gonna jump straight into it and show you the exact fees that you'regoing to be paying when shipping products either from the UK FBA centreto uk-based customers or if you're sending your products from the UK FBAcenters to European customers and they split Europe up into two differentcustomer bases Western Europe and Eastern York and I will go through allof the European charges down below just after I go through the UK challenges andagain you can find all of this information here yourself by going tothis URL and I will leave this URL down in the description so that you can jumpdown click on this and check out it for yourself because again this may changeover time so I will leave the URL there so you can see the exact prices at theexact time that you've checking the first thing you need to know is that Isplit up into 3 different types of products and then there's threedifferent fees I'm going to go through the three different fees but I'm gonnago through them for a non-media product because this is what most Amazon privatelabor sellers will be selling which is basically any product that isn't a bookor a TV or an informational media type productand then the third type of cash flow you can check is if you sell oversizedproducts you can find all of the fees here but again for this example I'm notto be going through the non media type product and there are three fees thatyou're going to incur no matter what product it is you sell the first fee isa pick and pack fee and that is a 1 pound 8 E flat charge no matter what thenon media product is that's why you're going to be paying per unit that yousell so every unit that you sell the minimum you're going to be paying is onepound 80 and that is your flat pack and ship fee then the next fee that you'regoing to be in current because again you've three fees to incur is the weightand handling fee this totally depends on the weight of your product as you cansee here on this page they give loads of different weights and you can find theweight of your product and work out exactly what you're going to be payingand this varies a lot if your product weighs under one kilo it's gonna beunder two pound ten whereas if your product weighs over twelve kilos it'sgoing to be five pound eighty profs 31p per kilo so again you can come here andcheck once you know the exact weight of your product how much exactly you'regoing to be paying and the third fee that you need to know about is a storagefee and again you're going to incur this if you leave your products in Amazon FBAwarehouse for more than a month and this depends on what time of year you haveyour products in the Amazon FBA warehouse so if you're storing thembetween January and September it's gonna be 65 P per cubic foot so that's not perproducts again depending on the size of your product that will depend on whatfee are paid here and from October to December so during q4 the busiest seasonon Amazon you're going to be paying more to be taken up space in their warehouseso you've got to be paying 91 P per cubic foot and again don't confuse thatwith per units because it's not its per cubic foot so that's a foot by a foot soif your product measures a half foot by half full then it's going to be 65 P / 2unit and 91 p-per to units again depending onthe type of year and then they give a really good example here because this isa fairly general product it's a digital camera that they use as their exampleand this will just give you a breakdown off the fees and allow me to explain ita lot easier to you so again it's just your average type product and when youadd up the three different fees so basically they're going to pay inone-pound 84 the flat fee as I explained this is going to be the same cost nomatter what product you're selling as long as it's a non media or not anoversized product it's going to be one pound 80 flat fee then the waste of theproduct is eight hundred and eighty grams so as you can find from the tableabove that's gonna equal two pound ten once the product is sold you're gonna bepaying that and again the storage fee is going to be 19 P and again that's onlyif you leave it in a month if you leave that product in Amazon FBA warehouse forlonger than a month you're going to be paying more than this so that is why youshould definitely make sure not to believe in products in Amazon FBAwarehouse for more than two months because this fee just continues to addup the longer you leave it especially if you leave the products in Amazon FBAwarehouse during q4 that this cost can really add up and eat into your profitbut basically that's it that's the total fee from the moment you send yourproduct into Amazon FBA warehouse the moment it hits Amazon FBA warehouse tillthe moment it hits your customers door it's gonna be four pound 9 P for aproduct like this one which again is an amazing cost to take care of all of thiswork for you so imagine if you had to do this fulfillment yourself if you're goneand fulfilling the products and posting them out yourself your postage fee isgoing to nearly equal this on a product like this not along going to the work ofpacking it and putting it in a box and sending it out to the customer so thatis just takes care of that and for a small fee again as long as you'reselling products pretty fast and they're not staying in Amazon's warehouse forlonger than they should then this is a great cost to be able to incur to takecare of the work that Amazon takes care for you now I'm going to just jump downand explain to you if you using Amazon FBA warehouses in the UK tofulfill orders in Europe again these costs differ if you're sending productsinto Europe but that just makes it extremely clear for you you know exactlywhat you're paying if you're sending products from Amazon FBA warehouse inthe UK to a uk-based customer and again you can jump to this page yourself andsee the exact weight of your product if you want to check that out for yourselfbut this just gives you good generaly example of a product that may be similarto yours and if it is similar to yours then your cost is going to be similar tothis so now to check out the cost of sending your product from the uk-basedfulfillment center to EU Member State again it has a flat pick and pack feewhich is 1 pound 35 P this is a fee that you will pay with any order from Europeand then you have your weight and handling fee which is your second feethat you're going to incur with every order let's place and that equals 5pound 50 per order to Western Europe and 6 pound 50 per order to Central Europeand again depending on your product type lots of your orders you will find willconfirm either Central Europe or Western Europe depending on your products orlast my products go to Western Europe so you can find out exactly where yourorders are be shipped to and it will depend which countries they'll beshipped to will depend on the fee that you're gonna pay but that breaks downfor you pretty simple and then the fine of fee that you're going to be paying ifyou're sending your products to customer in Europe is a storage fee and as youcan see here again this is charged per cubic footper month and from January to September and q4 again and again the fee is prettysimilar but then we just give it an overall example which is the digitalcamera again and if you're selling this exact product or this similar type ofproduct to Western Europe the total fee is going to be 9 pound 68 and if it'ssent to Central Europe it's going to be 14 pound 64 P so as you can see withthis exact product which is the digital camera the costs are sending them to thedifferent countries differ quite a bit so if you're sending the product toCentral Europe it's going to be 1464 whereas if you're sending it to uk-basedcustomer it's going to be 4 pounds and 9 P that is why you should make sure thatyou have your price adjusted so that you have covered these extra chargesdepending on where you're selling the product to when you're selling theproducts to Western European customer it's going to be 19 pound 68 P so againjust adjust the prices so that your prices are different in Western Europeand Central Europe or if you're keeping your prices the same across the mallmake sure that you have enough meat left on the bone to incur this cost becauseit's going to cost you a lot more sending your products to Central Europecompared to customers in the UK so now that you know the exact cost that you'regonna face when sending your products to your new uk-based customers or Europeanbased customers depending on where abouts they're located you can now goahead and see if this is a viable option for you if you should expand to all ofthe European countries or if you should just expand to the UK you can decide foryourself depending on your product and your ambitions but as you know if youalready sell using Amazon FBA you cannot beat it for service you cannot beattheir fulfillment centers you cannot beat their transportation and that costsfor doing that as you've seen in this video isn't bad if you were to do all ofthis yourself and you don't get the cheapest rates possible you would maybework out slightly less again depending on your product but you would have allof that work to do yourself which would make expand into Europeexpand into the UK if you're outside the UK a difficult task because you wouldhave to build up all of this yourself what ayazad does is it makes it easy forthe cost that is involved it makes it easy to expand to new countries again ifyou're in the UK and you want to expand to the US it's the same process you haveto get your products into FBA but once your products are in the FBA warehousesit's the exact same process but this is something that there is a lot ofconfusion about is the exact costs involved so I hope that this video hasbroke it down really straightforward that's simple for you and I hope thatyou now have a better understanding office make sure to leave a commentbelow to enter in this giveaway the entire garyveeI'm gonna be givin it away when I reach 15,000 subscribers so if you haven'talready subscribed hit the subscribe button leave a comment below because themore comments you leave the more chances you have to win so I hope that you'veenjoyed this video and I look forward to speaking to you on the next onespeak soon bye.