(upbeat music) – Hello, my name is Austin Fox.

I'm a South Florida Architect.

I graduated from FAU in 2017 of May.

We're here in Davie Florida at a job site.

This project is called Main Street Lofts By Azur Equities andFrank Costoya Architects.

It's being built by CBJ Construction.

Now, the role that we play in the project as the architect, iswe perform the drawings and went through the site plan process to basically build or draw the drawings that were necessary to build this structure.

So, today as you see,the drawings are complete and they are building whatwe have drawn for them.

Construction began at a very young age.

I got really interestedin the way things work.

And it brought my curiosity to all these books and details and stuff.

So eventually that transferred over to buildings, as they normally would say.

So buildings kind of interest me.

And then I focus on architecture itself.

They have engineering,construction management, but architecture reallycaught my attention.

In the design of things andthat's where I am today.

Designing things.

To become a licensed architectin the United States, you need to pass six exams.

Throughout the process ofwhich I'm going through now, I have only passed half of them, but in that process I wrote a book on how I passed those exams.

So that fellow test takers, if they have any questions, where to start, and what to do, they can learn from my mistakes, on how to pass those exams.

Architecture school kind of opened my mind in design possibilities.

But the real world kind of honed it down, and it's two different aspects.

That's why I highly recommend talking to people outside of school who do it on a daily basis, becausethat opens both perspectives.

And that can really dictate if you really want to do this or not.

And I highly encourage it.

It's a great field.

And you can't go wrong with it.

The school of architecture has a lot of students reaching out to me on how do I get to an internship, how do I find a job.

Well, my suggestion is to talk to people that do the job on a daily basis.

Interact with them.

Take them out for lunch.

Find any local architector construction manager and just offer your assistancein any way that you can.

If you offer your servicesin the beginning for free, you can get in and get connections and then from there, leverage your way into bigger and better opportunities.

FAU has helped me get to where I am today, by providing a path through my education and connections at thearchitecture school.

From there I gained animmense amount of experience through my professors, Ican't thank them enough.

And the amount of networking that I've received from them is amazing.

And from that, I'm here today.