Altra Industrial Motion is a manufacturerof mechanical power transmission products – brakes, clutches, couplings, and the like.

While the products sound automotive to thelayman, in fact most Altra products are used on industrial machinery, such as fail-safebrakes for elevators and forklifts, gearboxes on conveyors, heavy duty brakes on miningequipment, clutches for beverage capping equipment, etc.

Altra is the parent company of several powertransmission industry brands, including: Ameridrives, Boston Gear, Warner Electric, TB Wood's, StieberClutch, Twiflex, Matrix International and Wichita Clutch.

The company is headquarteredin Braintree, Massachusetts.

In 2005, they recorded sales of $748M USD.

== History ==The company was founded in 2004 through the acquisitionof the Colfax Power Transmission Group (CPTG) and Kilian Manufacturing by private equityfirm Genstar Capital.

Which, at the time, consisted of several brands,including Ameridrives, Boston Gear, Formsprag, Marland, Nuttall/Delroyd, Stieber, WarnerElectric and Wichita Clutch.

Following the foundation, Altra has made severalstrategic acquisitions, including TB Wood's, Hay Hall (Bibby, Matrix, Twiflex, Huco, andInertia Dynamics), Svendborg Brakes, Bauer Gear Motor, Guardian Couplings, Lamiflex Couplings,and Bear Linear (now Warner Linear).

While Altra is a relatively young company,the brands have been in existence for many, many years.

The brands and the year they were foundedare as follows: Altra Industrial Motion went public in December,2006.

It trades on the NASDAQ exchange under thesymbol AIMC.

== Product Platforms ==Altra's broad product range can be divided into three distinct divisions:Electric Clutches & Brakes (ECB): The Electric Clutches & Brakes Division consists of fourbrands that are grouped for maximum engineering and sales efficiency.

Warner Electric, Matrix International, InertiaDynamics and Warner Linear design and manufacture braking and positioning systems that are utilizedin global markets including material handling, packaging machinery, food & beverage, elevator& escalator, medical, turf & garden, off-highway, forklift, marine and agriculture.

Couplings, Clutches & Brakes (CCB): Altra’scoupling, heavy-duty clutch and brake, overrunning clutch and belted drive brands are groupedtogether to allow for extensive cross-brand engineering collaboration.

TB Wood’s, Ameridrives, Bibby Turboflex,Lamiflex, Ameridrives Power Transmission, and Huco, together with Wichita Clutch, TwiflexLimited, Svendborg Brakes, Industrial Clutch, Formsprag Clutch, Marland Clutch and StieberClutch provide drivetrain component solutions for global industries including energy, metals,mining, marine, oil & gas, food processing, pulp & paper, packaging, aerospace & defense,wastewater, concrete, and material handling.

Gearing: Altra’s gear drive, gear motorand engineered bearing brands include Boston Gear, Nuttall Gear, Delroyd Worm Gear, BauerGear Motor, and Kilian Manufacturing.

These brands offer energy-efficient gearingand bearing solutions designed for industrial applications.

Global key markets include metals, food & beverage,energy, wastewater, turf & garden, pulp & paper, textile, concrete, oil & gas, material handlingand aerospace.

== Production Locations ==Altra operates production facilities in the United States, Europe, and Asia.

Since the company's founding in 2004, manyof the factories produce more than one brand.

== Notes ==.