Cleve: We heard Brian's story, and when wedid it immediately touched our hearts.

And how a single car accident changed his family'slife forever.

Brian: On behalf of the Braun Corporationand Ally, here's your brand new new BraunAbility Dodge [inaudible 00:00:33] Back.

Ally Financial is a bank and BraunAbilityis a manufacturer, kind of teamed up today because it was the perfect marriage betweenmanufacturer and financier of these type of units.

Greg: We got behind that and said let us helpand together with us and Ally we provided the whole van.

It all started with one person and you allbelieve that together you can make a difference in the Bravo family's lives and you did.

We'reinspired and humble by what you've accomplished here, and it is our pleasure to present toColony High School the very first Spirit of Ability Award.

Thank you.

Brian: It's truly amazing what a communitycan do when the students get together, the teachers get together, the athletes get togetherand then the local businesses.

Cleve: Bravo for Brian is a catchy phrase,but the great thing is this is maybe instead of the end and the final thing, this is moreof the beginning of what else can happen.