All right.

So– I'm taller than you.

I just got to this point,and then I stopped.

I don't know if you did any other– You're so small.

Look at you.

Compared to me, you're so small.

[LAUGHING] No, I didn't do anything else.

I just got to here.

I almost picked that character too.

I like the guitar.

But then I thought she'd be too lollyfor the chats, so I didn't do it.

No cares.

All right.

Oh, I lost you already.

Do you have this girl overhere, the exclamation mark? Oh, I see it.

I see it.

I see it.

Uh– I'm not reading it.

So yeah, I skip all this.


I'm not reading it.

I hope you are.

See you later.

Quest log provides you– yeah, OK.

It like, gives you anarrow, and it directs you.

I do like the arrow.

How do you– Although maybe youshould let chat read it, but I'm going to spamthrough this conversation.

I don't– chat, I hope you don't careabout quests, because I don't either.


Basically, TLDR, theworld has gone to shit.

We've fallen through a great void, andnow we're in an alternate reality– is pretty much how this works.


With force.

Dude, OK, this Benji guy hiton me, and I'm a little kid.

When I was doing it– Yikes! When I was doing it, Iwas like, oh, no thanks.

Do we know exactly how old you are? I don't think they have an exact– where am I going? This way? There's no sprint, I guess, in here.

When you get your weapon,there's kind of a something.

I'm in the control zone.

Where are you at? I'm right behind you.

So– I can't go in.

How do I go in? Oh, Enter.

I think I had to setit up, and so I think– Got it.

That's all– it's fine, man.

I'm sure.

All right.

Yeah, this girl is so cool.

I kill people with africkin' guitar, dude.

Dude, I just owned everyone.

Let's go.

I'm gonna turn it downjust a smidge, because I feel like it's assaulting my ears.

Spideys! Did I click out of the game? Oh, god.

It's OK.

I'm protecting you.

Thank you.

The downside of playingborderless window.

Ooh, a treasure chest! Do we just gotta– Smack it open, yeah.


Oh, nice.

That's easy.

I don't know where you are.

Basically late night YouTube.

Yeah, you know.

I like that we get moneyfor killing people-dogs.

Are you using your special abilities? I'll let this play out.

Your one, two, and threes? My one, two, and threes? Hey, Nana.

How are you? Don't forget about them.

Hi, Nana.

Oh, what the hell is this? We are back on Twitch.

Fade left shift.

This guy has a lot offrickin' health, dude.


Do we have them combo locked? Ey! Bye-bye.

Ha-cha! Oh, we leveled up.

Yo, we clear as an S-plus and– He ate someone? Yo, he ate a little girl? What was wrong with you? Hello.

Hey, that's the girl from the tutorial.



She's– Oh.

Just sucking out my soul.

Is what's happening tome happening to you too? We're getting some sort ofenergy bomb thrown at us? Do you see your girl? Yeah.

Put that in, yeah.

I got a purple energy.

What color you got? I got purple.


How did you– so we ate her? Uh-oh.

Whoa, my character just saidI'm going to kill everyone.

Does yours say the same thing? Yikes.

I'm in hysteria form.

Wait, I just transformed.

Oh, I wasted it.

It's a really big cooldown.

But look at me, I'm glowing.

Yeah, you are glowing.

What the– Oh, god.

What did I just do? Wait, we finished the quest.


I wonder what the cooldownis to get that back, and why did I feel theneed to click it now? Wait a little longer.

Soul sequences were unlocked.

All right, how did you–what did you click? F.

F? [INTERPOSING VOICES] I had like a little energy bar.

–and in hysteria.

Oh, my god.

Oh, you're going to wasteit now, just like I did.

That's fine.

Do you like my dorgins? Mm! [LAUGHING] That's just ridiculous.

That's ridiculous.

Once we're– yeah, I saw it.

You know what, it mightbe related to that floof.

No, it's press F to destroy everythingon the map, apparently, in this game.


Press F to go into somesort of crazy demon mode.

Look at this corgi.

It's following me.

You have a corgi following you? It loves me.

Look at it.

Aw! Look at him.

So cute! Oh, I need to talk to this girl.

All right, start.

I understand it's trying to teachme things, and I just don't care.


Angry game nerd.

Gather different titles and decidewhich one represents your style.



Let's go help Tommy.

Aethar defeating– collect rewards.

[INAUDIBLE]– it's you! It's you! There's a New Year's Sprint Event? Ooh, it's so cute.

I wish I could pet it.

This one? Yes.

Arf arf! Can I– hello.

Ah! How did you wave? Oh, I see.


Oh, my girl doesn't really like waving.

Wait, there's emotes? Tee-hee-hee.

Dude, I love my evil puppies.

I love this frickin' game.

Oh, this is my dance.

This is– Does it clap? This is a strange dance.

That is a strange dance.

Don't worry.

It's not like this.

[LAUGHING] Why does is it, like–my clothes are all beat up.

Why? Also this is getting– look, some other person juststarted dancing with us.

[INTERPOSING VOICES] Wait, it's that K-pop dance? This is how I kneel down.

I sit on a piece of paper.

How do you kneel down? You just sit.

I sit on a piece of paper.

Look at this fox thing.

Move the camera that way.

[LAUGHING] It's like, oh OK, yes.

That is a thing.

Apparently I have some demonthing too, but it doesn't show up when I do emotes like yours does.

That's weird.

Quest, next, next.


New world accepted.

All right, I think I got us a new quest.

We have two quests right now.

Dark hunt.

Which one do you want to do? Yeah, we did the dark hunt, right? Yeah, because we did episode one here.

Help Tommy or the new world? Yeah.

When can I change clothes? I think we have to haveenough money to buy them.




Let's kill evil dogs.

We frickin' delete things.

Oh my god.

Yeah, nothing can stop us, honestly.

All right.

Got that.

I'm very slow at running, though.

What's that? Chest– I got a chest piece.

How realistic? Listen, if you're killing monsters,you have to look cute, OK? Dude, I'm just owning this thing.

How do I pick stuff up? Oh.

I think you auto it.

Oh, wait.

There's something over here.

This game is called Soul Worker.

It is a free to play game on Steam– MMO is kind of how I'mpiecing it together.

Though you don't get to reallycreate your own custom characters.

You get a set of characters thatyou can then customize a little bit.

Whoa, we're in thisblack and white mode.

Wait, I have the weird mode again.

I'm going to wait untilwe're in a boss fight.

F to use.

Hold on, I'm doing something.

What did I just pick up? What was that? What the heck is that thing? Kill it.

No, no.

That's my friend.

I just summoned him.

I don't– I touched something onthe floor, and it summoned him.

The fuck? Hold on.

I'm going into demon mode.


I bet you have it too if you press 7.

Grunting gold? What the hell? I don't know what that is.

I play a high-challenge magic musician.

That's me.

Pa-pa-pa-pow! Oh, he's going to charge.

I can't.

Smash down buttons.


We got him.

Woo! I don't know.

I'm on easy.

Dude, we're busted.

Yeah, what the heck.


Heck yayah! That's some frickin' teamwork, man.

[INAUDIBLE] We will be playing Division2 when it releases.

I don't know exactly when.

My water keeps trying to not whatever– This game is called SoulWorker, chat.

Yep, SoulWorker.

You can find it on Steam.

Wait, did we not help Tommy? Why is that quest still there? I don't know.

That's a good question.

Help or heart? Let me just go take all of them.

Where'd you go? I'm just going around and takingall the quests that we got.

It's Combat 7.


Yeah, I know a lot of people,especially in the Discord, have been excited about it.

Oh, I don't know you.

Blacksmith, yes, you are strong men.

Consumable quick slot.

Mad doctor.

Why is he mad? Is he doing some weirdexperiments or something? Probably.

All right.

I have one more person, andthen we should be good to go.

Jesse Cox is playing it.

Is he still doing YouTube, oris he doing mainly Twitch now? All right.

So we should– what is that thing? It's a bigger version over hereof that thing that you summoned? Uh-oh.

Hello? Bring me a pile of grunting gold,and I'll give you something useful.

Oh, my god.

He's giant.

Oh, crap.

He's got motorcycle jackets.

I don't want to spend anything yet.

I don't want to spend anything yet.


I think I finished all the quests,turned them all in and whatnot.

How do I– no, not market.

I want to see my character's profile.

Info, profile, more stats– oh my god, this place isa nerd heaven for stats.

Hold on.

I'm putting on armor thatI think we've collected.

How? I and then U.

Got it.

Let's see.

Does it tell me– oh, it does.

It tells me what our upgrades.

All right.

Hold on.

Now I'm unclipping stuff.

Let me know when you're ready,and I'll go through the gate.

Hold on.

Hey, Rev.

How are you? He does a lot more onTwitch now than he used to, but it was always [INAUDIBLE]YouTube content on Jesse's channel.


Yeah, I didn't know– I didn't know what he was doing.

OK, I guess this is me now.

All right.

I'm ready.


Hard and manic.

Oh, so you can go back through andplay him on harder difficulties.

Been a long time sinceI logged into Switch.

The studio looks new.

The studio is probably a bit different,I think, since the last you've seen.

We now kind of have a different setup,I think especially since you've been on, Rev.

Visiting more stuff.

Well, that's the biggest thing.

If you enjoy it, it shouldn't matter.

Hidden quests.


Yo, Tommy.

Hello, Tommy.

What does he want? I think for us to just kill things.

Oh, easy.

At least that's what I assume.

I didn't actually read it.

I'll be honest.

I'll be truthful, Ididn't read it at all.

We need to kill 20 moreof those things, or 15.

Do not use any consumables.

OK, easy.

I don't even know how to.

Simple enough.

I think we can manage that.

Was that his quest? Please die, you scary giant spider.

She's saying a lot of words to me.

Yep, this is an MMO.

Know inventory space.

Yeah, you technicallyusually have to buy those.

Oh, save the demon dogs? No, cannot happen.

We're saving them bykilling them, chats.

Must– Oh, look.

We can turn it in here.

What's this, though? Talk to this guy? Oh, there's a present in here.

Oh, you have to– oh, I see.

Oh, nice.

Odd but OK.

I'll take it.


Wait, do we now have to goback to the front of the map? Uh, I don't actually know.


Follow level 5.

Combat is pretty satisfying.

Yeah, I like hack-and-slash games.

I like combos a lot.

Unlike fighting games.

You'd like– what's that zombie game? Lollipop Chainsaw.


That game's actually kind of fun.

Is it also that weeb one? It's not really weeb.

It's just very male-driven narratives.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

I feel that.

I feel that.


Does that make sense? I'm listening.

I'm hearing it.

Boss, I'm going toactivate my level 7 mode.

Yeah, I think it will too.

Oh, god.

I'll take the odds.

Oh, I grew a big boy over here.

All right, all ads are down.

Shift and space can do, like, adodge effect, or shift in general, by the way, if you needto dodge this stuff.

Just kidding, destroyed.

I don't know.

I'm on easy.

Did we get an S-plus? Heckin yeah, we did.

And I got a new guitar.


So good.

Play for 20 hours.

Oh, Blade and Soul? I didn't– I could not enjoy that game.

I tried it, though.

Instead of having separate servers.

Yeah, cheerleader and chainsaw.

I've seen that.

I haven't played it, but Iknow what you're talking about.

It wasn't bad.

Like, once I got, like, through– Yeah.

These boots are so much better.

You and I.

So let's see, a new guitar.

It's called a brute force guitar.

Huge fan.

[INAUDIBLE] I have 14 of those token-y things.

Oh, this is worse, worse, worse.

I know, there's a lot of stuff in myinventory that I don't know what it is.

I don't know what half this stuff is.

And I don't feel like figuring itout in our short amount of time we have together.

There's an item chest for novices? I don't want to open it, because Idon't know what any of that is either.


Completed that one.

We found your brother.

So turn that quest in.

Yeah, I think Blade and Soul isreally just 1v1s by the end of it all.

Oh, really? I mean, that's wherethe best content was.

Hey, what's going on? Um– all right, now I just haveto talk to that Miriam girl.

I think I'm caught upwith all my quests.

I've got things with questionmarks that are grayed out.

I have a lot of stuff inthis inventory, though.

Like, these random boxes, like hiddenchests, item chests for novices– Yeah, I don't know what any of that is.

Do you just want to do another quest? Yeah.

Oh, wait.

Hold on.

Let me grab– I see two more over here.


Buyer's syndicate, hello, hello.

There's a kitty cat.

There's a lot of– There's multiple kitty cats.

–animals here.

I'm a huge fan.

All right.


This quest is calledthe Ravenous Swallower.

[LAUGHING] [INTERPOSING VOICES] Your furry viewer has returned.

Such a cute little kitty.

All right, Greedy Zoon.



I think I left without you.

No, I'm here.

OK, thank god.

I was like, crap, I think I– I was just kneelingnext to some other girl.

One Japanese MMO.

But to find machine partsor something, I don't know.

Die, you evil spiders.


Now we're finding machine parts.

Glad we– Whoa! That was an ability Ihaven't done before.

Here's a gold one behind you.

Oh, what's behind? Oh, god.

Oh, my god.

We're– I'm running to you.


I'm doing these new combo movesthat she hasn't done before.

It's kind of cool.

All right, killed that one.

Name must be Lulu.


No, this girl's cool as heck.

She has, like, these dragon dogthings that come out of the guitar and kills everybody.

Out of curiosity, whatwas your other character? The same one you have.

So we both gravitated tothe same two characters.

Same characters, yeah.

That's actually hilarious.

I'm not surprised,honestly, at this point.

I'm not either.

It's just funny.

Because I also was like, one of thesetwo– and then I decided this one.

Well, it's telling me to form a team.

No! I don't wanna! I'm on a team right now.

God, I clicked all these glowing things.

All right.

Ooh, you popped your big one.


I figured, why not? Excuse? I like how it saysproceed to the next zone, but there's so manythings still attack us.

Right? This is actually kind of acool concept for a character.

I like the– [INTERPOSING VOICES] I like the dodgemaneuver, like the evade.

You can just swooshbehind them and keep– endless combos.


I don't know what that is.

I'll take that.

Hello, buddy.


Just skip all of it.

I know, right? It's actually right next to him.

I ran around the whole place.

Oh, boss fight.

Actual boss fight.

Yeah, we're doing a questchain currently right now.

I'm activating my demon mode.

Oh, it's the dragon from the tutorial.

Holy cow! Easy! He didn't even get an attack off.

Destroyed! He didn't even get to– Impossible.

My girl's like, can I stop now? My legs hurt already.

She said, you're justnot a match for me.

Bye bye, mutant pet.

Save the freaks.


What the heck are you? OK, dramatic.

Dramatic and weird, but sure.


Heckin yes.

You freak me out, dude.


When I jump, my little– Your thing pushes you up.

–hand pushes me.

He-he! It's cute.

Oh, non! Oh, non! [SNEEZING] Bless you.

Thank you.

Bless you.

All right, U-I.

It's worse.

I assume my inventory isgoing to be full soon.


So I wonder how do I, like– extra damage.

There's a lot of conversation.

I'm skipping it all,but there's like a lot.

I don't want to discard it.

I want to, like– yeah, there's a lot ofunnecessary conversation.

Like, maybe it's a lot of lore.

I don't care about lore.


Thank you, Muppets.

Thank you, Wigger.

Hey, your character can– Yeah, I'm going to go to this one.

Your character, instead ofjumping with the hand thingy, can surfboard with the thing.

I just saw somebody do it.

All right, I picked the best.

I do not regret any singlemoment selecting her now.

Can I sell you things? Sell.




Sorry, I'm just tryingto clean out some things.

Who are you selling to? There's a girl– can'tbe sold, awkward– in the back right,under yellow umbrella.

Oh, I see.

You can sell to her.

All right, so that one's done.

Talk to this dude– How do you know what to sell? I guess just old armor.

Just the old armor that I can't use.

What about these random boxes? I'd keep them for now.

I wouldn't sell them.




I think I got everything.

OK, that letter is– You wound me.

–for a quest line.

All right.

What time is it? I think we have timeto speed run one more.


By speed run, we'll have to do hard or– here we go, mannequin.


Oh, this is creepy.

Jesus! She has a sign that says "Beer.

" These things are freaky.

I wonder what the laterlevels look like when things actually, like, hit you hard.

Well, they have different difficulties.

We can do hard and thensomething like, I think, manic.

I'm not sure.

Who's throwing the purple– green fart stuff at us? Let's roll over here.

Oh, you can combo themwhile they're in the air.

Where's the next zone? Oh, I see it.

Over here.


There's a chest.

It's a good formula.

Honestly, truthfully, Ihaven't heard of this game until it was requested tome by the partnership team.

What is this? Combat 7.

What the heck just happened to me? I insta-died? Wait, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

What? OK, I'm remembering now when I said Iwanted to see what something actually hurts looks like.

Dude, I just fell on theground, and then nothing.

Oh, I lost my Alt-2.

That's unfortunate.

I think I got it comboed.

Oh, crap.

It's going to do that thing again.

We got it on this last health.

I had to use a rebuy for that.

Got him.

I popped my 7.

Oh, yeah? Just because it seemedto have taken us out.

Damn, I didn't evenrealize that was the boss.



Well, this is a Simpath's dream.

We got soul sequences.

I don't know what that– look in your inventory.

Crash test dummy babies, right? With spinning wheel of death.

Got it.

All right, guys.

That's going to be it for atleast our segment here today.

Thank you so much forhanging out with us.

We really appreciate it.

If you are interested in either ofthe games we played, Trident's Wake, there was a giveaway on Alienware Arena.

It looks like all the keysare given out for that.

This is Soul Worker.

It is currently free toplay on Steam, an MMO that you can play with your friends.

Salenity, where can we find you online? twitch.


And then you can also findall of the Killer Networking on killingnetworking.


If you're new here, since ithas been a while, stick around.

The stream will go down forabout a few minutes, and then– Umar, are you streaming as well? I'm streaming.


And then Ernie is going tobe live-playing Overwatch.

So thank you all somuch for hanging out, and we'll see you guys all tomorrow.

Well, I'll see you all tomorrowat 4:00 PM Eastern Standard Time.

I'll see you guys next week.