(wind noise)(young child chattering) – Good morning, guys! It's 6:00 a.


and we'reon our way to the airport.

We're off to Punta Canain the Dominican Republic for two weeks, so the flightto get there is nine hours, during the day, with the three kids, so I thought I would vlogthis because whenever I say we're going away on Instagram,I get so many messages asking how to fly with ababy, tips on how to fly, people saying they'd liketo go away with their kids but they're a bitnervous about the flight.

And we have just arrived at the airport.

Hopefully this video willshow that it's actually not that bad and you can do it as well.

I think the thought ofgoing on a flight with the three of them is always worse than what it's actually like.

So, we have Fraser.

(Caleb growling) – And Caleb's having his birthday.

– Caleb, and then little Jacksie.

– And Caleb's having his birthday.

– Caleb's gonna turn five in Punta Cana.

So we're loaded up.

– No, I'm not! I'm gonna turn 600! – Yeah.

They've got loads of snacks and activities for the kids to do, soI will vlog our flight.

Let's go.

– I told you we would run in.

(beatboxing) (laughing)(humming) – So we're all checked in andnow we're off to security.

We're flying from Gatwickin the U.


in London, and at Gatwick the security is really good 'cause there is likea family security bit.

– Hello! – So, hopefully, we'll getthrough that, 'cause that is normally a lot quickerand just a nicer experience.

(playful music) – [Emily] It's breakfast time! Are we getting some pancakes? – I'm tired.

– [Emily] Daddy's so tired.

(laughs) So there's a soft-play in this airport which is amazing 'causeI just want them to have a little run-around beforethey're confined to their seats.

(playful music) Can you get it on there? (mixed chatter) Jackson's been stickingthese Peppa stickers into this book for about half an hour.

They've been brilliant, Ithink 'cause he loves Peppa.

(playful music) Your nose.

Is it on your nose? Where's your nose? So the big boys are playingthe travel Connect 4 now.

And Jackson's just woken up.

Jackson slept for an hour and a half, so that's pretty good-going.

(playful music) (laughing) (growling) Is it a tiger? Oh, no! Did it fall down? Do you want to do one? So we're halfway there andwe've broken out the Oreos.

It was time.

(laughs) – Plane! – [Emily] Yay! (baby babbling) So we're about five hours in.

We have three-and-a-halfhours left, I think, and so far he has done so well.

I've just come to changehim for the second time, and they've actually beenreally well-behaved so far.

I've only broke out the Oreos once.

We still have sweets onstand-by if we need it.

So they're just watching films.

The older boys are doingreally, really well, and even little Jacksie here.

You like coming in here.

(Jackson yells) (Emily laughs) (playful music) (mixed chatter) – [Emily] Where's Daddy gone? – Boing! Boing! Boing!(Emily giggles) Boing! Boing! Boing! Boing! Boing! – [Emily] We're playing.

(child babbles) Plants versus Zombies.

– [Child] Yeah! (playful music) – [Emily] We have an hour and 38 minutes.

We're just about to land, and Jackson needed an outfit change 'cause he spilled his drink, and he does not like wearingthe seatbelt, do you? (playful music) We made it! (mixed chatter) (Emily laughs) Where are we? – In Punta Cana.

– Yay! (laughs) Caleb, you did so well!- Hey! There were not any tears.

Caleb, what's wrong? Did you do really well? – He poked me in the eyes lots of times.

– Find Daddy.

(laughing) Look at Jackson! Jackson's like, I made it! Was it in nine hours? – Yes.

– Nine hour flight, Jackson, you did it! – [Jackson and Emily] Yay! (playful music) – [Emily] Oh yeah! We made it.

(laughs) What's with the ears? So we've arrived in Punta Cana.

– Yay!- Now we're on a coach.

How long is it to get to the hotel? – [Dad] 20 minutes.

– Just like a 20 minute coach ride.

Boys is it hot or cold? – Boiling.

– [Dad] Momma, he's coming.

– Jack, I can– (band playing)(Emily laughs) – [Emily] Where's Fraser? (baby babbles) – I spilled it.

– [Emily] Ah.

– Juice.

– [Emily] Is it juice? Jackson, cheers! Jackson, cheers! Oh, no, no, no, no! (Emily laughs) (baby babbles) We've made it to our hoteland all the boys are awake, they've got on swimwear,and we're now gonna go and have a swim even thoughit's very late at home.

I think it's 10:00 at home, at night.

Caleb slept on the coach onthe way in, but it's almost like he's had a power napand now he has energy again.

So we're gonna try and keep them going because it's five hours behind.

We're gonna try and seehow late they can stay up and then hopefully just battlewith jet lag a little bit.

So we're gonna go for a swim, then to the buffet, and that's it.

But yes, hopefully thisvlog has shown that it's not that bad or scaryto fly with the kids.

They were absolutely fine.

Obviously we're lucky no onewas ill or anything like that.

They just did so, so well.

There was not one tear.

They just did amazing.

So, I hope you liked this video, and I'll, of course, bevlogging more of our holiday, but now we're gonna go for a swim.

Bye! – [Dad] Put your sunglasses on.

Excuse me.

– [Emily] Oh, yeah! – That's Daddy! – [Dad] Where's mine?- [Emily] Daddy! Where's Caleb? – I dunno! (Emily giggles)- [Dad] Say Caleb! Fraser! Oh.

– [Emily] Oh! What's that? (giggles) – [Dad] Gonna take a closer look.