Oh my (bleep) gosh.

What the(bleep) is this? Oh my gosh.

This is crazy.

What the (bleep), bro? Are you(bleep) serious? – Oh God.

– This (bleep) so (bleep) big! Why did you put,"I like it in the (bleep)?" Oh my God, bro.

(Bleep) I'mabout to freak out.

Oh my God, bro.

Oh my God.

Melody, will you pleaseexplain to us why the (bleep) you put this on her? Worst (bleep).

So, she doesn't really like,tell me (bleep) about her, like, sex life atall, except for a buttscapade.

What is a buttscapade?Like, butt play? It was only one time.

And now this is forever.

She needs to, like, stopbashing me so much.

She doesn't like the (bleep) that I do,and she can do freaky (bleep).

Now everyone's gonna wannado my (bleep) bro.

I'd do it in the (bleep).

Nicole? No comment.


What is that (bleep)? To me, it looks like a piss bag.

What the (bleep)?That's humiliating.

I basically wanted to remind herwho she really is, and that's the bed wetter.

Hell no.

I don't wetthe bed no more.

Sometimes I do, I had two kids,you can't help it.

The placement, bruh?What the (bleep)? Wait, so what's the storybehind the tattoo? 'Cause she's getting older, and she thinks she's all thatand a bag of chips.

So I had to bring herback down to Earth.


What the (bleep) is this, bruh?What is this? This is a catfish tattoo.

Why would you do this? To teach your ass a lesson.

That's (bleep) up.

I don't even know, man.

You did not need to goright here, of all places.

I feel like it needs to be right there so you can see that (bleep).

I'm done.

Deaijia, can you explainthe meaning of this tattoo? It was supposed to bea half human/catfish, just to represent the sugardaddies that she messes with, and the men that play her.

I mean, I've learned my lessonand I still think it's (bleep) up that she put itin this spot.

I don't think there'sany coming back from this.

I don't think I can forgive herfor this one.

Oh my (bleep) gosh.

What the(bleep) is this? Oh my gosh.

This is crazy.

Whatthe (bleep) were you thinking? That's the secretthat I wanted to tell you.

That's the demon semen.

Why? Your baby mama is the devil.

She evil, bro.

What the.

And that baby y'all having,that's a demon baby.

This is really on me right now.


It's permanent.

How am I supposedto cover this up? You're not.

You can't cover the baby up.

So, this is the waythat you decided to tell him that she was evil? By making me give birthto the devil.


God damn.

Your penis is gonna look likeit's the devil baby's penis.

It basically is.

Definitely mad right now.

She lucky this camera's rolling.

Oh my gosh.

You had no ideashe hated her this much? She literally the devilin human form.

But if he's your brother, like, wouldn't you want the situationto get better? It is gonna get better 'cause now he's awareof her evilness.


Trash can? In your face?Why? There were times whenwe were getting intimate, but you had body odorthat I was just like, you know, I don't know if I couldpursue you on that level.

So you tell me in a tattoo.

Why'd you put the trashcan on that spot? Next to her hoo-ha.

You gave me a trashcan by my cooter.

As a woman, that's kinda wherea lot of your body odor is.

I quit! Girl, I think it's (bleep) up.

It is (bleep) up.

But I've never gottencomplaints before.


Taking off the shades.

What the (bleep)?No! There's boobs on my back.

It's a good thing.

No, this is not a good thing.

This is (bleep) up.

This is a detailed portraitof some (bleep) boobs on my god damn back.

I know, that is like,high quality.

No girl, what the (bleep).

No! Somebody's gonna see that(bleep) and be like, "What the (bleep) were you going throughwhen you got some (bleep) boobs on your (bleep)," like.

Why did you put boobson her back? Jaz has always been, you know,kinda flat chested, and I know she probablywish she had more.

I gave her more.

– On my back?- On your back.

What is my mama gonna say? What's dad gonna say? This is what I gotta live withfor the rest of my life.

(Bleep) it, I got boobson my back.


Oh my God.

I love it.

You do? Yeah.

Yeah, I do.

What the (bleep)? Yo! That is one of the most(bleep) up tattoos I've ever seenin my God damn life.


And I love it.

I love that you love your mom, but she thinks that I'm justthe flavor of the week.

I'm permanent.

I have a number one spot.