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Now – in all seriousness, recent years haveseen a /huge/ spike in the numbers of teenagers getting plastic surgery.

And – according to the New York Daily, a reportsuggests that approximately 64’000 teens undergo at least some form of cosmetic surgeryper year.

This shocking statistic highlights an ever-increasinginterest – particularly among young women – to alter their physical appearance at ayoung age.

Don’t get me wrong – in some cases, plasticsurgery is a life saver.

Actually, as a little kid – I split my lipfrom *here, to here* – and without plastic surgery, well – the doctor’s wouldn’thave been able to repair it.

So, there you go – that’s one for you.

I’m part of the title – Content.

Kicking it off at Number 5 – we have – FarrahAbraham.

Farrah, who is famous for her volatile outbursts,is a long standing member of MTV’s hit-show – Teen Mom.

In January of 2015, Farrah undertook surgeryto plump up her pout with a lip injection – but things swiftly went wrong.

After a doctor injected her lips with a numbingproduct, her top lip reportedly /tripled/ in size, after suffering an unforeseen allergicreaction.

Farrah explained that she was grateful forher life, and went on to say, ‘as soon as he touched my lip – I was having an allergicreaction right away.

– I’m just super happy that I’m alive.

’ She later told Twitter that the experiencehadn’t scared her away from future procedures.

*Well, it didn’t scare me – either.

* Coming in at Number 4 – we have the unfortunatestory of Kelli Johnson.

The modelling industry is – I’m going tosay it – pretty crazy.

There is a huge amount of pressure on youngmodels to look a certain way.

And that’s exactly what happened to Kelli,who had been modelling since she was just 10 years old.

At the age of 16 – Kelli was told by a photographerthat she’d never make it in the industry without a nose job.

Sadly – she took his advice.

Immediately after the surgery, Kelli knewthat something was wrong.

Her fears were later verified when she founda piece of cartilage sticking out of her nose.

The doctor explained to her that it was swelling,but sadly – the damage was already done.

A year later, the doctor offered to fix thedamage for free – and Kelli accepted.

At first, his repair seemed to have slightlyworked – but a week or two later, Kelli’s nose started leaning to the left.

Sadly – Kelli gave up her modelling career.

Next up at Number 3 – we have the bizarrestory of Sahar Tabar.

Now – there’s a lot of twists and turnswith this tale, so stick with me.

In 2017 – Sahar, a 19-year-old teenager fromIran – shocked Instagram with her bizarre series of selfies.

Sahar claimed that she had undertaken over50 surgeries to look exactly like her idol – Angelina Jolie.

The 19 year old had also stated that she’dbeen on a strict diet, bringing her weight down to just 40kg – which is critically unhealthy- just to took like Angelina.

The post went viral, and took the internetby storm.

Many took to Instagram, branding her a zombie- and saying that her transformation was borderline insanity.

She’d even started wearing blue contactlenses – just to mimic Angelina’s eyes.

But – this is where things get interesting.

Not everyone was convinced by Sahar’s story.

They doubted whether Sahar had /actually/undertaken the surgeries, with some studying her Instagram posts and claiming that shehad clearly photoshopped them.

And – well – later the same year, it turnedout she’d done exactly that.

Sahar told the press that she’d done thewhole thing to amuse herself.

She said, “I can see that I have somethingin common with Angelina Jolie – but I amuse myself – and to look like someone is not mygoal.

” Well, you had everyone fooled for a prettylong time Sahar.

Good job.

Bringing it in at Number 2 – we have the storyof the *2nd* human ken-doll – how is there two? – Celso Santebanes.

Celso, a Brazilian teenager who was 20 atthe time, lived his entire life with a passion for dolls and puppets.

At the age of 16, Celso won a local modellingcontest – and it started in him a desire to look like Mattel’s iconic childs toy – theKen Doll.

Over a 4 year period, Celso spent a staggering40 thousand dollars on plastic surgery, all to turn himself into a human version of Barbie’sboyfriend.

He had four operations on his nose, chin andjaw – as well as silicone implants in his chest.

Celso was a doll enthusiast since he was ayoung boy, and claimed that his family had always told him that he looked like a doll- which inspired him to become a ‘human puppet.

’ Sadly – shortly after launching his own lineof Celso Dolls – the Ken Doll look alike fell tragically ill.

He was diagnosed with cancer after treatinginfections caused by hydrogel fillers injected into his legs.

He passed away in June 2015.

And finally – at the Number 1 spot – we haveMauricio Galdi.

Born in 1988 – originally in Italy – MauricioGaldi is a Brazilian actor and TV host – who claimed to be the /Original/ Brazilian KenDoll.

How are there so many Ken Dolls? There’s like 12 in Brazil alone.

Again – similar to Celso’s story – Mauricioclaims that his obsession with being a doll began in his early childhood.

At the early age of 17, Mauricio began a seriesof surgeries that would eventually lead him to become the Brazilian human Ken.

Over the past ten years, Mauricio has claimedto have had only 15 surgeries.

These include chest implants, arm implants,four nose jobs and liposuction – and he says that he isn’t insecure about his appearance.

Well, you do you bud.

In 2016, he controversially ignored doctor’swarnings to not have /two ribs/ removed – which they warned would be far too dangerous toperform.

Instead, he went ahead with the gruesome surgery- all in the pursuit to resemble his beloved plastic doll.


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