For thousands of years people fromcivilizations all over the world have been drawn on the places where they couldsoak in hot water.

From native Americans at natural mineral springs to the Romansand their spectacular baths, the ancient Turks, the Japanese, Greeks andEgyptians did as well.

What would attract so many people to these places? There are lots of reasons but the biggest one is the simple factthat soaking in hot water just feels good makes life a lot more enjoyable andit's a great way to get people together for a good time.

Hi I'm Laureen and I'm willing to bet thatyou know firsthand how great a hot tub is already.

Maybe your friends parentshad one growing up, maybe your friends have one at their house now.

Regardless of where you first experiencedone doesn't it seem like that's the house where everyone wound up? It's not surprising.

A hot tub is theultimate interactive home entertainment system You can use it all year round.

It can be ready foraction on a moment's notice.

It's enjoyable by yourself or it's an awesome way to spend more time with family and friends.

In fact once you get a hot tub you'll be amazedat how many friends you have Sure, a jet ski or an ATV is nice but how often are you going to use these? A hot tub is something you can use each and every day, making your place the placed to go for a good time.

Whether it's hosting a big party,hitting back with a few friends or simply spending some time reconnectingwith your spouse or kids, there's no denying that slipping intothat warm water and letting the jets massage your muscles just plain feels good but did you know there's also evidenceshowing it can be beneficial to your health? Not just your social health either ,itcan help relax muscles and increased circulation.

Perfect for unwinding after a stressfulday of work or working out those kinks after a softball game.

When was the last time you foundsomething so much fun that was also so good for your health? Those Roman were onto something.

Oh! I almost forgot, a hot tub isn't just good for you it'salso good for your house because it can increase its resale value.

Think of it as an investment you get to useeveryday.

Now it's easy to see why you would wanta hot tub but then there's the question of which hot tub should youchoose? That answer is also easy, in fact it can be summed up with one words that'sknown the world over Jacuzzi The Jacuzzi brand has beensynonymous with hydrotherapy, good times and fun for over fifty years.

Back in nineteen sixty-eight,third-generation Jacuzzi family member Roy Jacuzzi created the world'sfirst integrated whirlpool bath.

His breakthrough was therapy jets built right into the side of the tubs that incorporated a soothing fifty-fifty mix of air andwater.

Just like that, a whole industry wasborn and boring bathrooms and backyards wouldnever be the same again.

Today Jacuzzi is the most recognizedname in whirlpool baths and hot tubs on the planet.

While a lot has changed over five decadesJacuzzi's dedication to quality and innovation is still bubbling over.

Youcan see it in how they incorporate the latest materials and technology intotheir hot tubs: economically designed seating andjetting arrangements; features like waterfalls, stereos and lighting systems; take the hot tub experience to a wholenew level.

The results is over two hundred fiftyworldwide patents and counting.