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4 Key Benefits Of Yoga During Pregnancy.

4 Key Benefits Of Yoga During Pregnancy.

There are many celebrities who have made prenatalYoga popular among pregnant women.

Gwyneth Paltrow and Kate Middleton are justtwo famous women who have indulged in prenatal Yoga.

However, it has become popular not just becausefamous people endorse it.

Another reason for its popularity is due tothe health benefits obtained for both the mother and unborn baby.

Overall Health Benefits.

Yoga helps your body prepare itself for thedemands of labor and motherhood.

It also helps lower your risk of depressionand anxiety, and helps you sleep better.

A 2012 study showed that pregnant women whopracticed Yoga lowered their risk of suffering from any complications, compared to thosewho didn't partake in Yoga exercise.

The study also revealed that the women whodid, were less likely to develop gestational diabetes, high blood pressure and low birth-weightbabies.


Increases Circulation and Calms the NervousSystem.

Yoga is a healthy way, and an ideal way forany pregnant women to stay in shape.

It enhances blood circulation and oxygenation,while stretching all the muscle groups.

A benefit of increased circulation is thatit will reduce any form of swelling and inflammation, common among pregnant women.

Plus, the mother's immune system is strengthened,which in turn creates a healthy environment for both the mother and the growing fetus.

Yoga also helps calm the nervous system.

The deep breathing exercises practiced inYoga can help the nervous system go into a parasympathetic mode, which induces feelingsof relaxation.

Once the body is in a parasympathetic mode,the digestive system will function properly, quality sleep is easily obtained and the immunesystem will operate at its optimal level.


Yoga Prepares the Body For Labor.

Prenatal Yoga introduces the woman to severalbreathing techniques that are beneficial for reducing and managing shortness of breathduring pregnancy.

These breathing techniques will prove to behelpful when working through the painful contractions of labor.

Research reveals that women who practicedprenatal Yoga experienced less pain during their labor compared to those who were notYoga practitioners.

One of the reasons for this is due to thefact that the women have been taught how to subdue pain and to be able to achieve spiritualand psychological comfort.

They can more successfully cope with intensepain and high levels of stress during their labor.


Yoga Helps Provide Stress Relief.

Stress, if left unabated, can negatively impactthe health of the mother and the growing baby.

Yoga teaches pregnant women to be more intouch with their baby as they perform several yogic postures.

The breathing techniques taught during theYoga sessions help pregnant women realize that they don't have to react so quickly whenexperiencing discomfort or when faced with negative situations.

This helps them develop patience and relaxestheir mind.


Helps Ease Backache.

As the baby grows and puts pressure on thespine, it is normal that many women experience some level of backache.

Doing Yoga or daily stretching exercises cangreatly reduce the discomfort.

For example, you can get on your hands andknees and do some cat stretches.

This is where, once on your hands and knees,you tuck in your tailbone and neck, while rounding or arching your back.

Then arch the other way and look up to thesky, while allowing your back to sway and pushing your butt away from your body.

This will help to ease lower back pain andincrease circulation.

Pelvic tilts are another great exercise forreducing lower back pain.

Also, try sleeping with a pillow between yourlegs while you are lying on your side.

Do not forget to consult your doctor firstbefore enrolling in any Yoga class, and seek out an instructor who specializes in prenatalYoga.

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