I'm Pete Zelinski with AdditiveManufacturing.


I'm at Precision Tool Technologies of Brainerd, Minnesota.

3D printing is a solution for tooling.

[There are] lots of reasons for that: it's easy; the tool is done at the end of a print cycle; nothing more needs to be done necessarily.

This is a tool for a welding fixture used to make this, which is a device used in making eyeglass lenses.

These springs are welded in using this fixture.

In the past the fixture was machined.

Also not that difficult, but here's the thing: the fixture, this part actually, is subject to change.

That means the fixture has to change, and in the past, every time that happened it was a new machining project and more time at the machine tool.

3D printing makes tooling flexible, changeable, discardable.

When the design of the product changes, just print a new tool.