What`s up K-T fam.

My name is Tayo and I am Kyunghwa Our reason for shooting this video today is.

jajang! to try the spicy fire 2x ramen noodle Our reason being that we watched a Nigerian family take part in a spicy noodle challenge Upon taking a bite, they immediately had to put ice in their mouth.

So Tayo said They are not Nigerians (jokingly) As a result, I decided to prepare this.

Okay so today we are gonna be trying the spicy ramen challenge And the main reason why I decided to try this was because i watched a video sometimes ago Of a Nigerian and a Somali family trying the ramen challenge and they were like.

oh its too spicy! They had to put ice in their mouth.

And i know back home, especially with me being Yoruba.

Our food is actually very spicy and Nothing compared to what I ate in Korea So I got very curious to see how spicy this ramen is Ermm that’s why we decided to do this challenge And I hope you enjoy it and yep were going straight into it.


This is how we prepared.

This is the 2x spicy ramen while this is the normal ramen I have no idea why the normal ramen looks more red This is how the game is gonna go We have the same amount of ramen Here are the rules of the game 1.

Don`t make any sound expressing the spiciness of the ramen, wowowowo 2.

Even though I got water here, you must not drink it.

But why water? you were supposed to get milk.

hunhun hmm.

You must not drink water This challenge would be pretty easy for us (we like spicy food) so we aim to see who finishes first.

The winner would write or draw something on the losers face I know I am gonna win so.

no problem We are going to start straight away.

Darling you should indicate the start of the game.

lets start.


wait a minute.

Lets start!! wowowo.

Oh my throat hurts.

Eat gently! Isn't it spicy? Not at all Really?! hunn.

Wo wo woooo! I am through! Me too! Yaaa! I am through! No! Why?.

I am through! I am also through No! Look at that! Yaa!! By the way how did it taste? (laughing) Can i go get some tissue? of course go for it! (laughing) Are you okay? No it was too spicy! Really? too spicy?.

Who won? of course i won! Hey! you are drinking water So! You must not drink water until we finish shooting this video I have no problem with that.

I am okay with that Wow Please leave a comment saying i won hahaha Okay.

So if i am.

oh i think i am sweating now I am sweating a lot So if i wanna say something about the taste.

I think the normal The normal The normal ramen was actually very much okay.

It tasted quite okay The spicy one.

yeah, i would not lie it is indeed spicy but i think it is nothing compared to our pepper soup In Nigeria, we have this kind of.

like pepper soup it translates to Maeun gug in korean language Which is sometimes made with fish If you eat that.

I think its about 3x – 4x more spicy than the ramen we ate What about soy sauce? soy sauce which soy sauce? the one we got.

(describing) which one? Ahhh Suya! hun.

suya She`s talking about suya and yeah.

Suya is actually very spicy also but hummm Suya and pepper soup hmmm I think im gonna go with pepper soup Because pepper soup is really spicy.

really really spicy So what do you think about what you ate? The nomal ramen is actually one of my favorite Its quite spicy but enjoyable however.

The 2x spicy ramen is a little bit too spicy.

My mouth still hurts.

Compared to other people`s reaction(s), I think i can bear with the spiciness though.

So i think its okay.

Okay! So, since i won.

So wooo.

okay Anyway you drank water i won.

No! Why? If you look at this… Why why why?? Guys please leave a comment indicating who won I won common No! She drank water, i didn't drink water No! common so! Come over here Come over here hahaa Okay so.

my Yoruba people are gonna know, there is something called tribal mark.

So i am going to give Kyunghwa a tribal mark today why why why? Darling you are really sweating oh really?.

hun It`s okay.

it`s okay hmmmm I think i should give her Osun state tribal mark Okay.

What are you doing? Wait a minute What is it? Here you go and.

welcome to the Osun state family isn't she pretty? If you enjoyed this video, please leave a comment indicating i won.

No! If i see that i will draw something on his Face also and post it.

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