hi this CFLieu, welcome back to this channel my channel and in this media only show you you know as of 2018 this's one of my portfolio trading account stocks account and went toe really this close to you transparent how much was the best performer in my portfolio all right what what is the stocks are the exact stopped that actually made me the most money in percentage now this is NOT a recommendation to buy or sell but i'm going to just show you over here we do on yes let me take this pen so and you know that this's actually the one of my best you know that performing stocks you know thiss column is actually quite a percentage have changed meaning that you know the higher the percentage is actually in percentage returns right so the best percentages over here is the one count here give just actually draw this one there's one start actually jane me two hundred sixty seven percent a snapshot have done over here in march 2019 and of course i this this is this company or this stocks that Vitrox Corporation a company that specializing in semi conductor that strategy is that well because of vision inspection i body sometime ago and then to stocks just jumps upto two hundred over percent so i'm still holding it i haven't really sold that yet but most people would have sold you that they're able to make this and then they say good right but they forgot to tell you what body at the holdings in the popular that they lost so to be very transparent to you today i do lose money as well in these portfolio of mine now this past baldy off mine this this this exact count my exactly the way i know that much about the you know is around thie thirty one thousand two thousand so what happened is that they went down to the thousand and you know that they are you can see that we have over here because i like to invest in hye baby than you stops right company so you know that at the point of this snapshot i computed the time off the time oppa chase it i have lie you know that gambling sin stocks which normally give a good dividends, berjaya sports toto number which i have this this unease among with breakeven and where you can see here uh here is about like my understanding four percent and then this consumer products of signature international is a company that there's a kitchen kitchen cabinets i know that and this one i actually lost around minus forty nine percent gets on these stocks alone and moving on this is i also suffer quite yourself with nine percent over here and then maybank which is like minus six percent and you know that i'm a big proponent of real estate investment trust which from this alone you know that i have applied for this one i've been holding this at a higher price hektar REIT in this account just like minus twenty foru minus two percent KIPREIT was minutes ten because the president actually drop quite a lot right at the time this recording but this is for long times i'm not selling this yet and i'm telling you why in a shot while right mrcb quill reit will assemble if YTLREIT teo i going in a very good price which is that he went the same so are there's a minus five percent over here what is minus seven and then these minor minus fifteen something so the thing is it really doesn't matter when you see that minus forty nine percent and minus are double digit because why i know that when i met into this it is a bit off testing the water not in the world is a better world but what's more i don't like a lot the thing the potion i do a lot a lot of those very consistent can and not only big constant consistent income dividend generator you can see my Sasbadi i also have the suspect in holding in this portfolio minus and percent and some warren's are blah blah blah and spare over here now you can see there's a grand toto i'm actually despite having these ridiculous minus fifty seven minus for the someday this portfolio actually only by minus three point five percent which on by itself it could be something that you say oh it's really quite bad but i just want to give you a perspective or we're here on this property again and i'm going to show you here on this table right now this table and you can see that in the entire twenty eighteen KLCI malaysian KLCI actually lost five point nine percent and similarly twenty eighteen was a very bad years for the stock market and all that so you see that even down jones the us arjun lost six minus six and then there's this london lost light in that car minus to have and you know hong kong not my mess that thing there's this china lost minus twenty four so almost all the stock market was in red so if i were to compare back to what i have over here i only promised minus three percent then you know that it's not too bad right because get long time i really don't i don't lose sleep over this but the other thing that is more important than the shaving you're here there's one there don't this inn is this car now that this file is also what we call as dividend statement received from all the stocks holding that happened you know that most of this stuff that show you over here in this account this account mine it has s o called dividends right evidence now it's just squeezing through these are the records of all that you needed every safe nice a hundred or even something over and over there now you need even though for thirty thousand stocks account dividend given like periodical dividend given out actually that's up so i want to show you that our entire year of 2018 thiss or everything off this exactly although it doesn't seem like there's a lot of money but when it's all together it comes about this amount which is a brown like two thousand and fourteen ringgit two thousand ok two thousand for the evening gets over here so if you look if you look at this right and i just want to jump backto this so called on my calculator over here so my capital was actually around you know the one thousand right okay maybe i should do the a m is right ok this and i receive dividend off around say two thousand right okay no two no without them and then i just be right that by which is my initial investment capital tree that he went down there so that that dividend alone you know that what is the percentage of my dividend received this is my initial capital this six point four five percent next which is really i mean in the grand scheme of things i just want to give you a perspective you say then a grand scheme of things this dividend alone actually lets me around like six percent of my investment portfolio so that dividend alone and i only have lie live show you over here minus 3 percent capital loss right so actually i'm moon or i'm not really losing anything even you know minus three percent okay but my dividend yield is a six point four percent so i would actually steal on the net positive and this this this design really not bad company and this is something that goes up and because in generating some company drop much more than others s o i really want to show you perspective to say that when it comes to investing in in in in the market or what not income actually matters a lot more especially on the years whereby you lost in terms ofthe paper loss in terms ofthe yours stocks holding but actually this have to cover that up and if you are retired ur retire you retire right this really actually can you imagine if you have i only have a treat that the house and you have like two thousand of dvd right what if you if you have two hundred thousand years later the dividend and then if you have a 3 you have a 3 mil what's the dividend you're going to get two hundred thousand right so on a grand scheme of things so that actually helps you a lot because no matter this happened said you do not need to deplete the capital just to cover for your day to day living expenses because dividend generating alone of course you cover living chances but more so it could be actually reinvested back driving mr remus a bet for the compounding effect to take its course so i hope this serve you mean there's a snapshot of one of my account like you know how i look at things and how every market awash here in the year twenty eighteen wars in red but ultimately if you retract because of the dividend actually saved me and actually turn around my portfolio from in red toe in black which is still on a profitable basis so if you like sharing this is lesson ideas on how to achieve all these on how structure so income focused or dividend portfolio i want the best way is to construct a portfolio of real estate investment trust REITs you can actually join me for upcoming or evening web class that you can join it's freeze totally free i mean i do some sharing and you don't know me would he share something about myself on this and you can actually joy join me for that and just check on the goto our REIT dot com see that bolo just came on the description box it would be something over there just joy okay join secure see you need to register for classes and you know it's very very same principle that used to actually construct give it and focus portfolio like like like this so if you do like this video like this lesson and i want you to actually you know watch the next video next media after these lessons and light leave me a comment if they have any question you want to criticize me or you you want to commend me for the good job done for this sharing you know welcome to do so appreciate your comments and click on subscribe before you leave so you'll get not the firebrand published more lessons you know transparent schering's right this useful lesson for you and more value to you okay that being said this is certainly have seo in another lesson.