Do you guys want to know how to make some serious cash if so listen up because today I'm going to go over this person's success story on Amazon this high school dropout From 100,000 in debt.

I don't know.

How do you leave high school with 100,000 in debt You must have probably been cashing out by all kinds of Gucci and stuff.

But I Guess this guy left high school owing 100,000 to someone Hopefully he's not some sort of drug cartel, but the point is that he made over 18 million in sales from Amazon, so today we're going to go over you guys this little story I discovered this is pretty recent and First of all, I'm gonna break this down for you guys.

Tell you guys his truth of what I think because obviously the news This guy's just being Interviewed by a dumb reporter that knows nothing about Amazon.

I'm here to break everything down for you guys.

So According this guy he started back in 2011 selling things on Amazon.

Okay says here he He had no money safe and was a hundred thousand in debt How do you have a hundred thousand in debt and had me barely graduated high school? Who knows? Let's leave that To the side.

It doesn't matter point in the story is he's now 38.


So this is he was 31.

Oh No, he said he okay.

He started this business at 31.

He was a high school dropout Okay, so basically in about 7 years, he made 18 million selling thousands of products on Amazon which is very doable.

I cannot doubt this story one bit, but let's continue I want to make this video because what I want to show you guys just the Good side of about selling on Amazon how it's actually true how this guy is one of the many people That's actually profiting making some serious money because there's other people that are making a lot more than he is and They don't want the public to know they don't want to be interviewed this in that for a several several reasons But let's move on so He was buying all kinds of things electronics beauty supplies toys.

You name it.

He was reselling them and Now what this guy does is he just buys? What I teach him straight from China Resource on Amazon and I think he's selling right here over 3,000 products Now, what does that tell you RAF tobacco? If you have three doesn't if this guy's selling 3000 products one his product selection is not that great because Why would he be selling 2,000 products when he can be selling a lot less with bigger margins? So Ralph Tibet, and he couldn't improving his product selection.

Ok, and What is per day, you know that matters because it varies obviously what time of day a time of day week month? You name it it was that broke we got that idea now the more the story here is that this guy went from and I'm going to link this and down in the Description box so you guys can read more about it, but this guy starting his own business Went from being dead broke to making 18 million.

He said over a four-bit million was in profit.

I think that's what he said and So here we see his house he said he was a lumion one-bedroom house when he started and You can see the potential that amazon has sure First when you're starting out you have to struggle you have to do the sacrifice If you don't have a warehouse, you have to start doing it.

I did this myself.

I actually Bring the items to leave the house and then you can either some items I actually bring directly to my house and some I actually ship out Directly from China to the Amazon warehouse.

It depends on the products.

Sometimes I actually want to see it So he said that he bought 50 doesn't worth of products and turn into over seventy thousand.

Is that possible? Yeah, it is.

Obviously if you pick a better product, it's going to be a lot more Now he says he started health and personal care So obviously this guy must be selling anything it can be anything from razors to shampoos to Face masks to whatever you name it what he's selling does not matter, even if we knew exactly approximate something it does not matter because We can Copy product doesn't mean we're going to get the same success because he's already a major seller in that category in that Niche, so let's continue He says he Took that seventy thousand and then turn it into a hundred thousand totally possible.

It's definitely doable.

It does not say here exactly How long was a time frame but of course I seen that happen I seen bigger returns what certain products that I bought completely profit complete.

It's totally Good, it's totally doable.

Ok, so let's move on so I started from a garage and then just went started doing his things packaging the items himself and more of the story here is He wasn't being lazy was just watching Netflix all day.

He wasn't playing for tonight all day He wasn't just jerking off watching porn all day.

He wasn't just doing his makeup.

If you were girl watching this.

He wasn't just Going to the beauty salon going to the mall spinning useless time doing all kinds of things like this.

Okay This guy was grinding he was working That's separate someone making this amount of money and someone that's just Tinkering here and they're living paycheck to paycheck.

Okay notice continue.

Uh, He continues talking about the warehouse that he bought in Brooklyn this and that pointers Obviously when you start selling that amount of products and you start getting a lot more inventory And it's not going to sit in your house.

No matter how big your house is.

I Literally probably like Texas where you have like gigantic backyards, but still you need a warehouse to protect your inventory from the rain, etc So this guy? Just started increasing as inventory Reinvesting the profits that's where I preached all that time a few guys that get ten thousand bucks invested make fifteen Take the entire 15 don't just take the five thousand and go spend another ten on useless things take the 15 reinvest it Make more money turn that 15 into twenty three thousand reinvested again, and just continue It's like a snowball and that's what this guy has been doing since then.

It's been waiting for him It works in any business model.

Just reinvest your profits obviously You want to take some money out get something in return? Then go ahead but don't take a gigantic portion just go cash out and go traveling It's a business.

It's like a baby.

You have to take care of it.

Let's continue So just entire story who's talking about just 30% on a product if you spends 10 bucks on a product I want to get at least a three dollar profit, which is actually kind of low That's it all leads back to the product selection that I was talking about this guy just taking anything that sells and he's making at least 30% profit then he'll pick which is Okay But there's obviously products where you can get a lot more.

I have products where I've gotten up to 60% profit 50% profit easily.

Okay, because it's all about product selection by the way, now that I'm telling you guys to this make sure to subscribe because Right now I have a course it's invite-only it teaches you how to pick products the exactly like this a lot more possible and then this guy and Just teaches you everything about Amazon how to state.

What a stay away from what to look into etc.

All my experience I packed it in one course.

It's invite-only right now.

I might open it to the public in the future So with that being said subscribe for that and at the same time subscribe for more videos, I'm doing videos like this It's free knowledge.

Why wouldn't you subscribe so Let's get back to this So this guy's making 30 percent profit on just whatever product you name It doesn't matter what it is face mask toothpaste baby wipes, etc.

It does not matter.

Let's continue his story He just goes along tells you about the profit He's selling very cheap product sometimes he says At least three dollars per profit per item three dollars per item Which basically he's selling cheap stuff if he's making $3 per profit if he's looking to at least make the drug for profit He's selling cheap stuff.

He's selling little knickknacks so is that a good business model to go into I mean like you can Obviously you can compete with them like depends on the product Me personally, I like bigger ticketed items I do not want to be making $3 for profit because it leaves me no room for advertising and leaves me no room for Errors, it leaves me no room for returns So I want to make be making more than just three less per product, but all that I discussed in the horse Let's not get a side tracked here So now he's really uh nearly making plenty million in annual revenue, so it's not too bad It's not too shabby for uh, he said he was 27 37 So I'm pretty impressive just want to make the video show you guys the Potential how it's actually true has actually possible not just myself that's making thousands of dollars per month but just other guys other people now I said guys because girls are Not interested in a lot of this.

It's mainly guys now why we can dive into the Sun just like the psychology the psychology behind this just certain things but point here is Anybody can make it Amazon is to your own computer It doesn't care for your girl if you're a guy she wrote a little bit of both if you're a hamster behind a mouse, it does not matter because Money, the money is blind the money goes to wherever you provide to whoever provides a service or impacts a Customer or customers in this case? So With that being said, I just want to do this little quick Video, I will be posting the link.

It says high school dropout So what does that give you guys I want to end this with this.

He says high school dropout what does that tell you you do not need to be a Genius to do this anybody can do it.

I can easily teach my little brother in middle school to do this You do not need a college education.

You can be at mom.

You can be a stay-at-home.

Mom dad.

Whatever You can be a teenager and make money Money does not discriminate if you guys want to interested in making money make sure to subscribe It's like I said, I'm making videos just about everything Amazon related making money online Getting that money because who wouldn't want a couple of thousand bucks extra just an account to spend on whatever Whether it's popcorn traveling kids candy an extra car payment you Name it you want to probably go on a bigger how whatever the case may be subscribe at more content coming out Publishing new videos about this if you have anything you want me to review any questions about anything sound to me I answer all questions all my messages and I hope this little video here Maybe you guys open your eyes and realize wow It's actually true.

It's not just BS he's just not talking and uh Just no one else is making money except him.

No, there's lots of people making money on Amazon now The real question is will you subscribe will you take the next step to actually start making money or sell? All you guys with that until next time stay tuned.