welcome this is a fun vinyasa yoga flowto help stretch and strengthen the body let's get started come to your kneesbegin circulating the shoulders opposite direction go ahead and tuck the toes sitting thehips on your heels this may feel a bit intense so feel free to skip the nextstep and simply lean forward taking some of the weight off of your heelsotherwise go ahead and make a fist with each hand and begin circulating the rest opposite direction release go ahead andsend the hips up for down dog option to walk your dog bending one knee at a timeor find some stillness drawing the heels towards the mat tailbone towards the skyrounding the elbows in towards the face next inhale step to the top of the mathalf lift exhale forward fold inhale come to standing hands overheadexhale hands to heart center take an inhale exhale softening the shoulders next inhale hands overhead exhaleforward fold inhale half-lift exhale plank lower into your chaturanga inhaleupdog exhale down dog for five or three two one inhale step to the top ofthe mat half lift exhale fold inhale standing hands overhead exhale handsheart center full breath here on the exhale hands overhead sitting the hipsnice and low for chair pose four three two one exhale fold inhale half-liftexhale plank chaturanga inhale updog exhale down dog inhale left leg lifts bending that leftknee opening the hip begin circulating the foot bowl breath here on the exhalestep the left foot to the top of the mat low lunge right hand rests on the mat onthe inhale left hand lifts taking your twist on the exhale step back chaturanga inhale updog exhale down dog inhale right leg bendingthat knee begin circulating the foot exhale step it to the top of the mat lowlunge left hand rests on the mat inhale right hand taking your twist exhalechaturanga inhale updog exhale down dog inhale step to the top of the mat halflift exhale fold inhale sit the hips nice and low here chair pose four threetwo one next inhale to standing exhale hands toheart center inhale hands overhead exhale fold inhalehalf-lift exhale plank chaturanga inhale updog exhale down dog inhale left leg exhale knee to noseinhale exhale knee to nose inhale exhale knee to nose hold exhale for Pigeon option to rests here or go ahead andtake your fold drying the breath into the belly expanding the belly and lowback with your inhales exhale sign out any tension in the legs feet inhale release from your fold reach backgrabbing your right foot resting here or wrap the arm around your foot restingthe foot in your elbow reaching overhead with the left handtaking your bind for mermaid pose chest is shining forward release come to down dog walk it outhere inhale right leg exhale knee the nose inhale exhale knee to nose inhale exhaleknee to nose hole plant your leg on the mat for pigeon rest up here or take yourfold surrendering no tension in the hips legs or feet on an inhale release go ahead and reachover to grab that left foot or come into your mermaid pose right hand reaching upoverhead interlacing the hands release coming to down dog walk it out here when you're ready drop the knees forChild's Pose big belly breath here the jacks Hale sighing out any tension theupper back the neck the shoulders full inhale exhale begin walking thehands to the left drawing the breath into the right ribcage expanding theright side body with each inhale softening the shoulders here notice ifyou're lifting up in that right shoulder inhale Center exhale hence the right breathing into the leftside body softening the shoulders notice if you're lifting here in that leftshoulder lifting in the chest begin to soften here with your exhales you back to centre next inhale rounding up one vertebrae ata time ants your knees rounding the spine gazedown inhale chest forward gaze up exhale round the spine gaze down moving withyour breath inhale exhale back to Center inhale hands overhead exhale heartcenter thank you for joining namaste you.