What's up, everybody? Philcaela here and we are in New York City! New York City has tons of options for coffeeand tea on basically every block, now this is by no means an exhaustive list, but we'rehere to show you our favorite coffee and tea shops in Manhattan.

Let's go!! This is Maman on W 25th Street in the NoMadarea, it's a nice little coffee shop that has coffee in the front and food in the back,and also some really nice interior decoration around here.

It's got a really, really nice vibe to it.

I ordered a cappuccino and Micaela got a hugelavender latte.

It's not too sweet, really good flavor oflavender.

Normally in a lavender latte, you can't reallytaste the lavender because it's overpowered by the beans, by the coffee, but it's amazinghere.

Mmm! Lavender! I LOVE lavender! This is a good place to come and catch upwith a friend over some brunch, but you can also come here and use the wifi, not the fastest,but it's still a nice place to get some work done if you don't need really, really fastwifi.

Next, we head over to Black Press, anotherspot with fast wifi and delicious coffee.

This is the almond milk cappuccino.

It's like a standard cappuccino, but the beansare definitely smoother, latte art is on point for almond milk, normally I get an onion,but I got like a pretty little lotus leaf.

And their cups are super, super cute.

After ordering regular cappuccinos and workingfor a little bit, we're gonna go and treat ourselves now.

We have these waffle cone macchiatos thatare super cute.

Micaela got an almond milk macchiato, I gota regular macchiato.

Hers looks like a flower, and mine looks likea typical heart-plant-leaf thing.

There's chocolate inside the cone here, too.

Mmm!! It's busy right now, but most of the timethat we were here, it was actually pretty quiet, and there are lots of outlets, thequestion is if you can snag a table.

Overall, Black Press has awesome coffee andit's also a good place to get some work done.

This is Happy Bones on Broome Street in LowerManhattan, it's a cute little coffee shops, not too many seats in here, but I've beenhaving my cappuccino that they used Counter Culture coffee beans to make.

This thing is delicious and smooth, it's moreof a nice place to chill out and get a great cup of coffee, I don't know if I would everbring my laptop here and try to get any work done, but great place to chill! The next coffee shop, in East Village, isCoffee Project.

This place has 2 flights are really interesting,they have a Deconstructed Latte and they also have a Nitro Flight.

The Deconstructed Latte comes with an espresso,some almost-raw milk and then the latte that you can taste after.

So doing that in sequence you can really tastethe espresso and the special milk they use.

For the Nitro flight, we have a regular nitrocold brew with notes of chocolate and cinnamon and we also have a nitro cold brew with milkin it.

Coffee Project is awesome, I like the specialflights they have here and it's really just got a nice, cozy ambience if you're lookingfor a coffee shop in the East Village.

We're at Cha Cha Matcha, this place obviouslyis known for their matcha.

There's a city in Japan called Uji and thisis where the matcha's from.

I realize a lot of cafes that serve matchafrom Uji have the best matcha drinks, soft serve, etc.

and this place definitely livesup to its hype, it's super good, we got here when it opened so we're able to get 2 tables,if you come here later in the day, definitely the line gets really long, then it gets reallypacked, definitely great for Instagram photos, so if you wanna get good photos, I'd definitelyrecommend coming here earlier before the rush and you can also enjoy matcha.

We also got a matcha croissant and a matchadossant, which is a donut-croissant, kind of like a cronut, but reverse, I guess? Definitely an Instagrammer's dream becauseit's so pink and cute and there's a pretty wall over there and another pretty wall overthere and then it's pink all around! This place is obviously super cute, but thefood and the drinks are also amazing here, as well.

We are at Matchaful, this is in SoHo, thematcha is good here, it's not like the best I've ever had, but it's super cute in here,it's really small.

It's really cute because it's super green,there's a lot of plants there, it's like a really cute wall, as well.

Definitely worth visiting if you're in theSoHo area.

The place we're at is called "LRoom Cafe,"this place is pretty much an Instagram paradise.

This place is super pretty, there's also lotsof roses and flowers everywhere.

They're definitely known for their glitterlattes, which is what I ordered, I got a glitter latte, or "Honey Bling Bling Latte," whichis really good.

I would say the drinks are definitely moreon the expensive side if you want a specialty drink ranging from like $8-12, but it's worthit and if you're in the area and wanna take lots of cute photos, this is your place! I also got something pretty cool, I got thisscience lab little coffee kit where I was able to make an iced coffee with the milkand the shot of espresso in like an Erlenmeyer flask and it was really good, really smoothcoffee, really enjoyed it here.

Also the desserts here are super yummy, aswell, we got a matcha egg puff dessert that had ice cream on it and some cheese creamand it was great to share.

Overall this place is super, super cute, butit also has some really, really yummy treats and drinks here, as well.

So we're at Saltwater Coffee in East Village,believe it or not this is not coffee, I got a chai latte, and they were able to make alatte art with a swan! Especially chai, you don't really see latteart with almond milk, so this is amazing.

This is a really good chai latte, it's a littlespicy but love it.

This coffee shop is an Australian company,Australia typically has the best coffee shops and the best coffee, so maybe that's why theyhave the best baristas, too.

We are at Idea Coffee, there is a lot of spaceso if you're doing work or wanna study, it's a little loud because people come in hereto talk, but it's still a great place to do work just because there's lots of tables andspace for you.

And another plus, the wifi is great, too.

This rose latte is so good we're skepticalif there's even coffee in it, because I've never had a rose latte this delicious.

I also got a flat white, super good.

It has a good balance between having energyand not being super quiet, but also being just quiet enough where you can focus on yourwork.

Overall, Idea Coffee has excellent drinksand it's an excellent place to get some work done.

We are at Felix Roasting Company and thisplace is adorable, it's pink everywhere, a lot of specialty drinks and coffee here, soI actually ordered just a normal flat white, whereas Phil got this really extra s'moreslatte, it's very cute, I don't know how to drink this because it's so cute.

It's a huge show when they make it, they makeit right in front of you, lot of smoke everywhere, and I don't even know how they make this,but it was very extra, it was really cool.

So this is another cafe that is very cuteand aesthetic, great for photos and all my Instagrammers out there but also this placehas really good coffee, the decor is really nice, the ambience in here is really chill,so we'd recommend Felix for anyone looking for that kind of experience.

The next spot for some great coffee is Stumptown.

This Stumptown actually has the Ace Hotelright next door to it, and the Ace Hotel lobby is a really cool place to hang out, bringyour Stumptown, get some work done.

It's kinda dark and kinda loud in the AceHotel lobby, but they have free wifi.

Stumptown is most known for their great coldbrew, I got one here, this is a 16 ounce.

Crazy smooth, crazy good.

If you're like me and you really love coldbrew, you've gotta check out Stumptown! We're now at La Colombe for coffee, they havemany locations around New York, but we're at the one here in SoHo.

What they have that's special on their menuis actually a draft latte.

It's a latte, but it comes out the tap andit comes out really smooth.

They also have a draft oat milk latte thatMicaela ordered.

Mmm! It's kinda like a dessert without the sugar,it's really tasty.

Super airy and light, it's similar to a nitrocold brew where it has that really "draft" texture, but it's very gentle because it'sa latte, so not a strong coffee at all.

Pretty fun to drink.

I've had La Colombe coffee that came in cansthat I actually bought at Trader Joe's back in San Francisco, very light on the coffeeflavor, but still really fluffy and really smooth.

This place is great, although it's like achain in New York now because it's been really popular, I definitely recommend this placeif you're nearby.

We're at Coffee 'n Clothes, literally coffeeand clothes.

I've been following Coffee 'n Clothes on Instagramfor a little bit because they have really cute coffee content, and now they have a cafe/coffeeshop in NoHo.

It is adorable in here, they have designerlattes.

I got a Gucci one, I've been drinking thatone, Hermes, this one is a dress, and this one has a Nike logo on it.

We're the only ones in here right now, whichis amazing for a coffee shop this cute.

Coffee beans they use are from Joe's Coffee,which is a local chain in New York.

Coffee's really good and really smooth.

I definitely recommend coming to this placeif you love taking cute Instagrams or really cute lattes because this is what you're comingfor.

This is Third Rail Coffee, we're at the locationnear Washington Square Park, but they have another location East Village.

It's really popular, they are most known fortheir cold brew.

I got a macchiato because I really wantedespresso right now, but they use Counter Culture beans, it's a really cozy, small coffee shop,really close to Washington Square Park, so definitely recommend it for any cold brewor espressos.

And that'll do it for our favorite coffeeand tea shops in Manhattan.

Obviously there are so many options, but theseare some of our favorites and hopefully you like them, too, when you try them out.

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See ya next time!.