– I looked on Google.

Cool tattoos for girls.

Most of them were cross signs.

Hmmm, maybe I'll just get of these, so.

– Yeah, I have one.

– A bunch.

– Two, three.

– Yeah, I have a couple.

– Four, five – It's a thistle.

– A lizard.

– I've got a angel wing overhere, devil wing over there.

– Diamond back rattle snake.

– It's a tree.

– My zodiac.

– Scorpio sign.

– I'm year of the rabbit.

– This is my first cat, Rojo Rastatillamook.

– Nope.

– No.

– I don't.

– I don't.

– I don't want nothin'marked on my body like that.

– People who has tattooconsider as a Yakuza.

– 'Cause I have commitment issues.

– I can't.

– Commit to one tattoo.

– They're just too permanent.

– Naw, I fuckin' wish.

– It's definitely something I want.

– I want to get a lion.

– A dragon.

– A bat.

– Cub Scout Camp logo.

– I just really want one'cause they look cool.

– Actually I want one here.

– And I'd like it on my wrist.

– Wrist.

– Across my shoulder.

– My back.

– A body tatt' that wouldcover every part of me and still looks like Iwould have something on even if I'm walking around naked.

– I got a bootleg tattoo.

It's supposed to be a fucking cross.

It's fucking faded as fuck.

Don't laugh at me motherfucker.

– It's supposed to be a rose but I don't think it looks like it.

– I was really drunk.

– Pretty stone-y bologna.

– It's supposed to say Icame, I saw, I conquered.

But I don't think that's what it says.

– It's a ghost pepper passion fruit donut and I just love croissants? – D.


Cooper is a famousbank robber who escaped and was never found by the FBI.

– I don't have any tattoos,I'm afraid of needles.

– Seems painful.

– Painful.

– They're really intense.

– No.

– I don't.

– I don't want that.

– I think it's more unique forsomeone not to have a tattoo.

– Just think it's likeputting a bumper sticker on an Audi, you just don't do it.

– Says don't give a fuck.

It's 'cause I don't give a fuck.

Uhhh, can I put my shirt down now? – Not yet.

– No.

– No.

– I do not.

– I got piercings instead.

– I'm waiting until I getfamous to get a tattoo.

– I'm still thinking of ideas.

– If I could have a tattoo I would have — – The star.

– A realistic heart.

– Butterfly on my ankle.

– Infinite love.

– I got it in Anchorage, Alaska.

– It's the title of a song, it's Italian.

– It means be yourselfno matter what they say.

I got that from a Sting song.

– This you might recognize from James Cameron's Titanic.

– This Star Wars tattoo's gonnacarry over across my chest.

– It's me encased in carbonite.

– Rebel alliance.

– Dark souls.

– Alice in Wonderland.

– I do not.


– Just haven't beenable to afford one yet.

– It's really expensive.

– It costs money! – This is probably 2000 dollars and I'm not done yet.

– No but I wanna get two.

I wanna get the Irish flagand the Norwegian flag.

– I am Nigerian and British.

– This is the Vietnamese Flag.

– This is just basically torepresent where I'm from.

– I used to live in Saudi Arabia.

I just wanted to get somethingthat reminded me of it.

– Korean traditional flower.

– No.

Generally Muslims don't have tattoos.

– It's not allowed in our religion.

– It's a cross.

I grew up being raised Christian.

I got this Om sign righthere for my religion.

– This is little gangster Buddha.

He has a glock right herewith the Om symbol right there so he's protecting the Om.

– No tattoos.

My mom would kill me.

– My grandma was like I better not see any tattoos! – My grandma that represents right here.

– I got this one with my mom.

– My mom and I both have this.

– This is for my boo.

– I don't, I wanna get some though.

– It'd have to be somethingsignificantly important to me.

– One that means something to me.

– On my wrist it says survivor.

It's because I'm a survivor.

– I was depressed and Ialmost committed suicide.

Tattoos are a promise to myselfthat I will never do that ever again.

– It's my friend Lorenzo.

He was murdered March 31st, 2013.

– My mom's name is Rose.

You don't really knowhow much you love someone till they're gone, so this is how I knowshe'll always be with me no matter where I go.