PLEASE, LIKE, SHARE and SUBSCRIBE my video!Thank you very much! Look it's the charging station where the Robo penguins live And I was also the only way across if we climb down there we'll never be able to get up the other side in time You know that kinda looks like a blast board course, we don't need to climb down We need to slide down like on a blast board What do you mean the Robo penguins can slide fast enough to sweep up the other side? See you can do that right little guys Where does draw them bowtie come on, they're about out of power.

It's now or never Since the energy doors aren't working.

This place got filled with snow.

We need to get rid of it So the box to charge up miles heat race.

Yep, but we better use your big ones on three And I'll work on the energy doors Where is it? They're charging I'll call my father and let him know it's mission accomplished They're right deer in the charging station You guys Superstellar cross-country robo penguin height, that's what Prospero has told us.

Well done kiddos We sure are proud of you.


I got the door working, but it might shut off again during the next storms So maybe we should operate the system mirandos.

That's exactly what we'll do Well Callisto's ready to go we are but I'm not sure about Mert.

He's got himself a little fan club.