PLEASE, LIKE, SHARE and SUBSCRIBE my video!Thank you very much! To an even bigger Blizzard is on its way once it hits you won't even be able to go outside Hmm.

I think the only thing we can do is walk them home walk them So we be like cowgirls and cowboys rounding up horses.

That's a frost astok idea dad It's a good thought but I have to fix our shields.

Otherwise the next storm will damage our house even more I'm afraid I need to stay here.

We can totally handle this ourselves.

Totally Plus Merc will keep us safe won't you buddy? All right, then the storm gets too close call me and I'll come and get you we will dad okay penguins, let's move Oh No, you don't vote I stay with the group With miles keeping everyone together and the robo penguins fleeing for their lives from former We're making good time great because we might need that extra time Once we're through those trees why you'll see I just hope I'm wrong We call this three days Lake Because it takes three days to walk around it.

I was hoping the lake was frozen over so we could cut straight across Hmm, you know? I think we can still cut across the lake Loretta break out your heat and let's make a wrap good thinking miles Aqua mode There's no way we can get over that glacier, I think we need a plan B Plan B is straight ahead right through that tunnel.

Can we get there in time? These penguins aren't exactly built for speed Birth since they are already afraid of you.

Maybe you can get over lieutenant Jason Wow, that's warm to relax We so need to come back here and explored this place when we're not out running a blizzard with a bunch of Robo Penguins They used a lot of battery power so far How much farther to their home? It's just beyond these ice bridges but we have to hurry the storms catching up to us.

Alright humble penguins, let's move Not even close don't worry we'll meet.