Advertising, A-uuuuu Advertising, A-uuuuu Advertising, A-uuuuu Hello! You have not seen here Decathlon advertising? Remember, a month ago, my colleague Pasha told you that in Decathlon prices are not low, but fair.

and remember, he still defiantly tore up the box with the words "advertisement"? I will explain to you why Decathlon has no advertising on TV and on thousands of billboards.

Go! So, why does Decathlon have no advertising on the first channel not on thousands of billboards? As you yourself know who.

) Meet this Masha! Masha sat on Friday evening at home watching "Voice" Advertising has begun she was too lazy to get up and pour herself some tea so she did not get up from the couch, and stayed to watch ads Katya came back from yoga and told Masha with complete delight how she went to the new sports shop today and found there such beautiful leggings and such a cool rug! Not to mention the fact that without investing in mass advertising, we can invest in lower prices and in improving WOW services in stores, so that more and more mash come to our stores on the advice of Cach! And so Decathlon has been working for 42 years! You may be wondering why in those rare very rare commercials Decathlon, which you can see we do not invite famous athletes or beautiful actresses, as many sports brands do.

The thing is, for us, the staff of Decathlon, sport is not just beautiful clothes though that too Sport is first of all, joy, health benefits, overcoming yourself.

And we work for those involved in sports.

for the sake of sport, and not for the likes of instagram.

Therefore, the history of our products in advertising Decathlon we tell ourselves where the models in the photo and video Decathlon are employees of the company.

Famous athletes today represent one brand, tomorrow is another and hardly sincerely recommend those products that advertise.

And we, the employees of the company, do sports every day in the Decathlon products.

and we know what we are talking about when we are shooting in the advertisement of a favorite brand.

I hope I was able to explain to you what Decathlon so different from other companies.

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