Hello, You are with BGPsychology and here we will talk about everything from the world of psychology and psychotherapy in Bulgaria Today's topic is "what are the differences between a psychiatrist, a psychologist and a psychotherapist?" Psychiatrist psychologist and psychotherapist? The common among these specialists is that they are committed to the mental health of the human The differences are in their education and practice The psychiatrist is a doctor He has a medical education which includes training in general medicine and specialization in psychiatry The psychiatrist uses a medical model to identify and treat specific complaints of the person by using drugs and only he can put diagnoses Psychologist? The psychologist must have completed higher education in psychology – Bachelor/ Master Degree there is many different higher education in psychology Cognitive Psychology, Clinical Psychology social and organizational psychology child psychology and other.

We will look at in detail the profession of psychologist and the possible spheres of work in this specialty in a subsequent video The psychologist provides psychological support, makes psychological consultations crisis interventions works with psychological tests draws psychological assessments draws forensic psychological expertise and other.

Psychotherapist? A psychotherapist is an additional specialization It is an upgrade training Psychotherapy is a method which uses certain psychological theories and practices and aims to help the mental state of the person different psychotherapeutic schools have different requirements for who can study/train for psychotherapist but most often they are medical or psychological education but there are others.

Expect a series of videos in which we will take a detailed look at individual psychotherapeutic schools and we will also talk about their specific requirements Thank you for your attention! What's Next? Psychological work in the institution Psychotherapeutic methods SHARE! LIKE! SUBSCRIBE!.