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Channel of aesthetic beautyand psychological health again with you.

Today we have anotherlife hack for those who want Do not spend a lot on products.

We promised, and we fulfill.

Today chocolate wrapdo it yourself for 60 rubles.

Really doing itmany spas.

So save.

But customers do not know about it.

There is nothing wrong.

There are Malaysian cosmeticstonomer.

Everything is the same there.

Natural dried bananas,mango, coconuts.

And here we use chocolatewrapping Serve Chocolate Wrapwe will have cocoa powder Golden Label, RedOctober.

This cocoa powder willirreplaceable chocolate wrapping.

What are we doing.

If you want a customerdon't suspect you can pour cocoa powderin large capacity.

And present as cosmeticstonomer.

I am very well versedin the compositions and can confidently say that cosmeticstoner in principle too the very thing is.

But it is very expensive.

Pour out cocoa powderin capacity.

We look at the composition: cocoa powderand vanilla flavoring.

Anything more there is nothing.

Cocoa – very important, valuableproduct.

It is saturated with microelements,amino acids.

Cocoa scent gives confidencein itself, gives good mood.

Because the smell startproduce endorphins.

Also this wrapping is possibleuse as anti-cellulite adding homemade anti cellulitebutter.

How to do it, you canlook at past videos.

To cocoa powder purchasednutritional basis you can add a small one to itamount of oil.

A little bit.

10 ml is enoughwill be.

Dilute with warm water.

Water should be morehot.

While we bring to the client,while we are putting, wrapping cool down.

I add hot water tocondition sour cream.

Some water addedstir it up I add more.

It should not be completely liquid.

The smell is awesome.

I want to eat it.

You can smear each other.

Who wants to see it? This video should score1 million views.

I'm ready.

Still nothing can be seen.

It is clear that this is not forprofessional massage therapists.

But our channel is not only formasters but for those who likes to have fun, laugh.


Professional masseursdo not judge strictly.

We are great specialists,love our job constantly we are learning with great experiencework.

But also humorists.

Who wants to write in the commentswhat do you want to see Alina and Olya in chocolate.

This is a natural wrap.

Very pleasant.

It can be licked.

Very cool.

On heels can be applied.

On hand too.

Wrapping is performedfrom 15 minutes to 40.

Dirt can still be purchasedhealing effect is much more powerful.

Because there are trace elementslots of.

It relieves inflammation.

Especially who has jointssore.

Can go to bed on the back.

We put a wrap.

It will be enough to wash offeasy.

Natural chocolate ifmelt it will wash away very hard.

And there are such wrappingswith natural chocolate.

I do not recommend buying them,because the customer will hang in the shower for half an hourfor sure.

Inflicted on the entire surfacebody.

Friends, we finish,wrapped in film.

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